The (Elemental) Cataclysm and You! Part Two: Talent Builds

Expanding on my previous entry about talents, I’m now going to look at what we’ll do with them. I’ll look at a “standard” elemental build, a Dual Wield build, and a Searing Flames build.

Before I start I should point out that the Tier 2 Enhancement talents are due for a re-work. This has been confirmed by a few Blizzard poster comments about Enhancing Totems being turned into a self-buff when totems are out, and Ghost Wolf being usable indoors (whether this means it will be an instant cast by default or not remains to be seen).
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The (Elemental) Cataclysm and You! Part One: Talent Changes

By now you will have heard of the talent preview for Shaman that was released recently. A number of stat buff talents have been modified or completely removed, while a few new ones have been added in.

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Modelling Searing Flame

Hello readers!

Since I’m trying to be a bit more… approachable & social with this new blog, I thought I’d run you through how I do some of the things I do. The first of which is a little run-through of how I ended up modelling the Searing Flame dot effect. Read more of this post


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