Testing, testing

Is this thing on? Helloooo!

Just doing the obligatory first post of a new blog system. The aim is to be less mathy, and more social, but we’ll see how that goes.


About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

6 Responses to Testing, testing

  1. Zing says:


  2. Monsieur says:

    Hey new shaman blogger!

    • binkenstein says:

      Not a new blogger, more a returning one with a new site :p

  3. Monsieur says:

    Yea, i know who you are 🙂 but didn’t know you had a blog before? Anyways, looking forward to you explaining a whole new expansion to me!

    • binkenstein says:

      I have one on elitistjerks.com too, but this is an easier way of handling stuff

  4. Moodic says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed.

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