I’d like to let you in on a little project I’ve been working on lately: TotemSpot. TotemSpot is our new Shaman Community Site that’s been set up by a few shaman bloggers, and we’re currently in beta (everything is there, but there are a few layout issues and changes we are working on). There is a forum, a blog/news front page, and a Wiki as well. Pop on over and have a look.

As part of this, I’ll be posting pretty much all of my content on, so this wordpress site will fade into the background over time.


Lava Surge, Part Two

In the middle of the comments on a post of Lava Burst by Charles (aka Zamir) over at Planet of the Hats, there’s a little gem by Santux. It reads as follows:

What do you think about a Lock and Load type treatment with Lava Surge? *Flame shock ticks have a 30% chance to make your next Lava Burst not trigger its cooldown* Would definately solve the problem of the 8 second window having meaningless Surge procs.

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Operation TotemSpot: What’s in a name?

Hello fellow Shaman.

Today we have another poll on Operation TotemSpot. The question is fairly simple. Tell us what you think.

Other votes so far:

  • Totem Chucker
  • Totemly Awesome
  • Frost Shock!
  • Spirit Lodge
  • Astral Recall
  • Totemic Recall
  • World of Totems
  • Totemtastic
  • ShamWoW
  • Totem Master
  • Totem Lore
  • Totemic Awareness
  • Totemic Focus
  • Totemetrics
  • Totem Pole
  • Shamanistic Focus

Binks does Beta

Thanks to some kind individual in the team who has the “leet hookups”, I now have access to the Cataclysm beta. Thusly, I shall be writing down bits & bobs about what I see in the beta. Some of this will be the 80+ stuff on my draenai shaman, but I’m also going to give the Goblin starting experience a go.

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A semi-regular update

Hello dear readers,

Obviously I’ve been a bit slack in posting stuff lately, but I have been doing stuff, honest ‘guv! So here’s a short summary of what I’ve been up to:

Operation TotemSpot

The site concept is progressing (there should be a little plug about it in the Totem Recall podcast). We’re still trying to think of a new name that doesn’t sound like we just ripped off TankSpot, while also being non-class specific. Pewter is playing with some website systems to see what does & doesn’t work, and we need to get that stuff sorted before we begin. For more information, read her post here.

We’ve already had expressions of interest from a few of the well known Enhancement & Restoration names out there, so it won’t just be an Elemental site. If you’re interested in participating in the running/maintenance/etc of the site (don’t be offended if your offer of help isn’t accepted, everyone can participate once the site goes “live”), or have a possible name for us to use, flick an email to totemspot at gmail dot com (I hate email crawling spam bots), with some references if you want to help out.

A Preliminary Post on Lava Surge

Been working a bit tonight on updating my Lava Surge spreadsheet that I posted on EJ a few weeks back.

I need to write up some stuff to do with it, but here’s a graph of the DPS gain. It’s important to know I made a few assumptions on the math, and they are listed in order of “priority”.

  1. If a surge proc occurs within a single LB casts time of the cooldown resetting anyway, it is “wasted”
  2. If a proc occurs you are able to take advantage of it straight away
  3. Procs will occur exactly 10%, 20%, and 30% of the time

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The (Elemental) Cataclysm and You! Part Two: Talent Builds

Expanding on my previous entry about talents, I’m now going to look at what we’ll do with them. I’ll look at a “standard” elemental build, a Dual Wield build, and a Searing Flames build.

Before I start I should point out that the Tier 2 Enhancement talents are due for a re-work. This has been confirmed by a few Blizzard poster comments about Enhancing Totems being turned into a self-buff when totems are out, and Ghost Wolf being usable indoors (whether this means it will be an instant cast by default or not remains to be seen).
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