A Shaman-Centric Site?

Following the conversation going on over at Zing’s blog, I have a question for The People. And by The People I mean the Shaman players out there.

If there was a Shaman specific analogue to Shadowpriest.com, TankSpot.com, would you use it? Of course, it would have to have some suitable site name about totems or shaman.


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21 Responses to A Shaman-Centric Site?

  1. Pewter says:

    totemspot.com ? 😉 I think it’s a nice idea, but shadowpriest.com is very spec specific and I wonder if the caster/melee differences would get in the way of making a coheasive community when compared to somewhere like plusheal

    • binkenstein says:

      A fair number of the mechanics are shared between the classes, plus most people will have a different secondary spec (Enh/Resto, Ele/Resto, etc etc).

      • Pewter says:

        Hmm, my only thought is the most successful ‘community’ sites tend to be role or spec centric as opposed to class centric. That said of all the hybrids I’ve played, Shaman has required the most cross-spec communication. I’m kinda eager for the project to go ahead anyway, especially if we can get more folk on board.

    • Levva says:

      Seems like a good idea. Would need to be an umbrella site for Shaman and 3 sub sites for the 3 specs to be worthwhile though. As there are those of us that know intimately our chosen specs and very little about the other two. The umbrella site would however be useful for cross spec information. eg: small graveyard for Sentry Totem remembrance 🙂

  2. Mex says:

    If Maintankadin can do it, so do you!

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  4. Jen says:

    I understand your point about melee/healing/caster differences, but shamans are shamans, and there can be seperate forums for those sections. I think it would be very good to bring together all specs for whenever people fancy respeccing or whatever.

    I used to go on the warlocks den all the time, looking at that site of course all the specs are slightly different but I had played all specs so it was good for me to be clued up on them in case I wanted to switch. Shadow priest.com offers a holy forum section but overall just shadow.

    I think it would make sense to maybe set up a site linking to all the blogs we all know and love, any guides etc, and forums where all the shammy players can come together and discuss things. The mmo-champion forum is ok, though it just not as active as some of the more specific forums, like the warlocks den.

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  6. Gazimoff says:

    I’ll be watching this one with interest. Not because I play a shaman (although I’ve always wanted an elementalist one though…), but because I want to learn how it develops and progresses. Who knows, we might look at getting a mage one started…

  7. Aloix says:

    I’m not a Shaman… but I’m a bit of a wow-resource junkie, so I think that if properly executed this could be a good idea. I do use (and recommend to others) the class-centric forums that currently exist frequently.
    The most recent of these to start up is the one @ pwnwear (DK Tanking), he made a post that included some of his reasoning for doing so here, and there may be some general ideas for consideration there.
    Good luck!

    • Pewter says:

      Wow, that’s an excellent post right there, and mirrors some of what I was thinking about the technical side of things. The LaTex point is definitely a good one, I shall add it to the list of features.

      • binkenstein says:

        I hadn’t even thought about LaTeX yet.

  8. Vok says:

    I’ve been looking for a Shaman community site for four years. WTB!

  9. Kazgrel says:

    I believe it could be made to work. Other successful sites of similar flavors have been pointed out, from spec-specfic pages like shadowpriest.com and maintankadin.com to role-specific like tankspot.com and plusheal.com. Such a site would definitely be among my daily fix of wow readings.

  10. s4dfish says:

    Do it Bink! You are my fount of all shaman knowledge and must expand the knowledge base.

  11. Borken says:

    I support the idea of a shaman centric site entirely!

  12. Kattastrophe says:

    What an awesome idea I sure hope this fly’s

  13. Vixsin says:

    Spoke with Pewter this weekend during the Shaman roundtable, and I’m definitely on board to help out in whatever way I can (albeit in my limited technical capacity). I’d be more than happy to contribute a Resto angle on news/theorycrafting/shaman stuff.

    BTW, glad to see you back in action Bink.

  14. Maelfus says:

    I surprised someone didn’t think of this sooner. I would be more than excited to provide any technical help our even just input advice for the enhancement side of things.

  15. Jen says:

    I’d also be more than happy to contribute, whether it be moderator, some starter resto/elemental shaman guides, anything that is required!

    If you’d like the help let me know and I’ll give you some contact details, somehow!

  16. Blaazze says:

    Fantastic idea. I would be a frequent visitor. Of course, we have all seen guides, talent-tree discussions, and gear discussions in the usual places (and followed binkenstein on elitistjerks — yes, you do have groupies). It would be great to have all of that in one place. In addition, I would love to see tankspot-type movies of boss fights from the elemental shaman’s perspective, with information such as: dps target priorities; when to lay down tremor, earthbind, etc.; in movement fights, what is the best position for us to minimize movement? I would be happy to provide financial support for this site.

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