The (Elemental) Cataclysm and You! Part Two: Talent Builds

Expanding on my previous entry about talents, I’m now going to look at what we’ll do with them. I’ll look at a “standard” elemental build, a Dual Wield build, and a Searing Flames build.

Before I start I should point out that the Tier 2 Enhancement talents are due for a re-work. This has been confirmed by a few Blizzard poster comments about Enhancing Totems being turned into a self-buff when totems are out, and Ghost Wolf being usable indoors (whether this means it will be an instant cast by default or not remains to be seen).

The “Standard” Build, aka the current build plus 5 points.
This build is based around our current raiding build, and spending the extra points in what talents are available. The general approach was to get everything in the Elemental tree that would be useful for PvE, and then get sundry talents in Enhancement.

The end result is that we pick up Earthquake, Lava Surge, a single point in Toughness, and two points in Ancestral Swiftness. There’s a little flexibility around the Enhancement talents, especially if you go with a boot speed enchant (assuming such things exist at that point).

Dual Weild
The second build is the one everyone starts clamouring about. It cropped up mid TBC, and turns up on a semi-regular basis. The basis idea, for those that don’t know, is to equip a one handed weapon, ideally some sort of int or spellpower green, and then go dual Flametongue to get the additional spellpower. There’s a couple of sacrifices to be made, but Booming Echoes and Lava Surge could be worth it (this is all hypothetical at this stage).

However, to rain on the DW Elemental Parade, there are a few bliz quotes to look at. Incidentally, the second one was a point I was going to raise myself, as not being able to have two Flametongue enchants will pretty much kill off any possibility of the spec being viable.

Elemental and Resto are going to be pretty unlikely to want to dual-wield in Cataclysm. For the most part we want them using a one-handed caster weapon and shield.” source

“We’re not quite ready to talk about it yet, but imagine that the DW talent is accesible to Enhance early enough to be useful but not to Elemental and Resto. We’re also looking at making enchants unique, which would let us drop the WF internal cooldown low enough that fast weapons might be more attractive.” source

The Searing Flame Build
This third build is the one I’m quite interested in. Searing Flame gives your Searing Totem a chance to apply a stacking DoT to your target, equal to 100% of the damage of the hit over 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Being mid way up the Enhancement tree, we’ll only be able to get 3 or 4 points in at most, but since we won’t be consuming the stack like our Enhancement brothers, and that the extra talent points only affect the chance that the dot will be applied, it means we won’t need to have more than 2 or 3 points in it anyway.

For more information on this, go read my earlier blog entry on Modelling Searing Flame

The cost to getting Searing Flames is that you can’t get all the talents from the Elemental tree, but this may not be such a great loss. Booming Echoes (which is only a minor dps gain with a slightly shorter Flameshock cooldown) and Lava Surge are the two I’ve dropped, although the latter is more because I think having a Lava Burst cooldown reset will make our rotation a bit more awkward.

Part 3 will be put together sometime this week, ending the run of pre-canned blog entries. I’ll look at the new spells/abilities, and then wrap up with a Part 4 after that, which will be another edition of Bink Writes Blizzard.

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6 Responses to The (Elemental) Cataclysm and You! Part Two: Talent Builds

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  2. Fantasiar says:

    i think the specs will be slightly different:

    for pve its going to be 54/22/0

    for pvp and arenas its going to be 58/18/0

    as u said it urself, Dual Wielding will be only for enh shammies but it would have been cool tho 😉

    • binkenstein says:

      As I said, it’ll come down to how useful Lava Surge actually is, plus I think Earthquake will be more of a staple.
      And you’re better off dropping out the Convection points for other stuff like Warding.

      For Lava Surge, the complicating factor is that it’s fairly high in the tree and resets an already short cooldown. The small window means that there are going to be delays in getting another LvB off (are you already casting? Did you just queue something up through the spell queue system?), not least of which will be the reaction time from the reset occurring to you noticing it to you pressing the button.

      When we get closer to a release date a few of us will start building stuff to assess how useful Lava Surge actually will be.

  3. Charles says:

    Congratulations on your position 😀

  4. arixian says:

    A question about your 59/17/0 build. I was curious why you went with the 2 points in Improved Ghost Wolf instead of putting them into Improved Shields. I’m probably still a total noob with my 80 elemental shaman but I don’t seem to use my ghost wolf all that much whereas I always have a shield up. Appreciate the advise and feedback and am looking forward to reading your columns on

    • binkenstein says:

      At that point in time the Enhancing Totems talent had been targeted for a reword, and Ghost Wolf had been mentioned wrt it working indoors! Which makes it the most awesomest talent ever. Of course, I don’t know how it’ll go in the revamped system.

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