A Preliminary Post on Lava Surge

Been working a bit tonight on updating my Lava Surge spreadsheet that I posted on EJ a few weeks back.

I need to write up some stuff to do with it, but here’s a graph of the DPS gain. It’s important to know I made a few assumptions on the math, and they are listed in order of “priority”.

  1. If a surge proc occurs within a single LB casts time of the cooldown resetting anyway, it is “wasted”
  2. If a proc occurs you are able to take advantage of it straight away
  3. Procs will occur exactly 10%, 20%, and 30% of the time

I used some static damage values from ZAP! with my current gear for LvB & LB, and this is just looking at the  LvB & LB damage for a single FS/LvB/LB*X set, and comparing the Surge values with a “normal” rotation. Again, this is rough preliminary information, and may vary when we build a proper model, but I think it’s a fairly good estimate of how things will go with this talent.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

3 Responses to A Preliminary Post on Lava Surge

  1. Pewter says:

    As ever fascinating (if somewhat bewildering!)

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