A semi-regular update

Hello dear readers,

Obviously I’ve been a bit slack in posting stuff lately, but I have been doing stuff, honest ‘guv! So here’s a short summary of what I’ve been up to:

Operation TotemSpot

The site concept is progressing (there should be a little plug about it in the Totem Recall podcast). We’re still trying to think of a new name that doesn’t sound like we just ripped off TankSpot, while also being non-class specific. Pewter is playing with some website systems to see what does & doesn’t work, and we need to get that stuff sorted before we begin. For more information, read her post here.

We’ve already had expressions of interest from a few of the well known Enhancement & Restoration names out there, so it won’t just be an Elemental site. If you’re interested in participating in the running/maintenance/etc of the site (don’t be offended if your offer of help isn’t accepted, everyone can participate once the site goes “live”), or have a possible name for us to use, flick an email to totemspot at gmail dot com (I hate email crawling spam bots), with some references if you want to help out.


About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

One Response to A semi-regular update

  1. Rodalpho says:

    I hope wow.com doesn’t hold you to a “quota”, where you have to post even if you haven’t got anything to say. That site is 95% noise, the signal is vanishingly difficult to locate. Every single blue post gets a “this is what GC;s latest post means for disc priests”, “this is what GC’s latest post means for balance druids”, “this is what GC’s latest post means for arms warriors”, and so on. Horrible.

    So anyway, good luck.

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