Binks does Beta

Thanks to some kind individual in the team who has the “leet hookups”, I now have access to the Cataclysm beta. Thusly, I shall be writing down bits & bobs about what I see in the beta. Some of this will be the 80+ stuff on my draenai shaman, but I’m also going to give the Goblin starting experience a go.

Firstly, screenshots! I had a brief window of opportunity this morning to log in, and take a poke. Here’s a screenshot of the talent selection window.

I’m running around on Lost Isles (PvE) on Alliance if you want to say hi, although please don’t ask me lots of questions on there (It’s easier to answer questions via comments, and it means everyone else can see the answers/replies too). I’ll spend some more time on there tomorrow, as I have a party to go to tonight (Parties totally beat Beta). I’m also going to keep a couple of blog posts on Known Issues (like your spellbook saying you need to train Lava Burst, but the trainer says it is already learnt) and talent mathy stuff.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

11 Responses to Binks does Beta

  1. Charles says:

    Perks eh!

    Did you use a premade or copy your own shaman across? The premades come with mostly 251 gear and a full set of gems/enchants etc, but I noticed I had some spellbook troubles like you described when I copied over a premade hunter. My own copied characters haven’t (yet) encountered problems like that, though I’ve not logged in since the new build went live.

    I really want to play the beta but I’m just finding myself too invested in other things at the moment to really be interested 😦

    • binkenstein says:

      Ah, that would explain it then. Guess I better get some premades copied across, although I was wanting to continue with my live characters instead.

    • binkenstein says:

      Nup, happened with my premade shaman too.

      • Charles says:

        Yeah, I had meant that it affected my premades but not my “originals” – but I just logged on and my own “original” (self-levelled) shaman has a Lava Burst in her spellbook begging to be trained while also knowing a “Lava Burst” spell. It seems the LvB in the spellbook is the Overload version of the spell – the damage listed is almost exactly half of the damage of a normal Lava Burst and it’s “instant cast” with no mana cost. I did go spend a few minutes on the dummy and didn’t get any overload procs for either LB or LvB, even when wearing some quest mastery gear. Though of course it was nowhere near enough testing to be sure, I’d guess the Overload mastery is presently NYI and the ghost LvB in the spellbook is related to it.

    • Shuuwki says:

      Most of us common mortals would love to be in the beta, period. 😛

      On a somewhat more constructive note, we’d all love to hear what you can glean on design intent and direction of the Elemental shaman. Coefficients, attribute requirements, relative levels of parity between our spec and other ranged caster classes, and any word from developers would be an ideal starting point.

      We’ve had a real drought on interesting Elemental information from the development team. I’m really hoping that one of the few Elemental shaman in the beta – especially one widely read – can influence things somehow.

      • binkenstein says:

        That’s the plan, when my connection to the beta servers isn’t lagging so badly I spend most of my time trying to talk to an NPC called “Unknown”.

  2. Nathan says:

    Sadly no beta for my draenai shaman. But I am glued to here and to find out what you discover.

    Also, Can’t wait to see some goblin lightning works!

  3. Shuuwki says:

    Bink, is there anything helpful those of us on the outside can do other than continuing to talk about Elemental shaman issues and suggest / QC solutions? There’s an insider culture between certain players and the Developers that some of us aren’t privy to, so it would seem as if there’s only so much we can contribute.

    • binkenstein says:

      I don’t know, to be honest. I’ve always just gone with a “here is a public letter to Blizzard” and posted it somewhere. I’ve never actually received any feedback from anyone at Blizzard either.

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  5. Anaia says:

    Hmm, if a kiwi can get in, I have hope. Time to start making connections. Good luck with the beta and I’m looking forward to your updates. Pretty sure I’ve met “Unknown” in the current xpac, glad to hear he’s still around.

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