Lava Surge, Part Two

In the middle of the comments on a post of Lava Burst by Charles (aka Zamir) over at Planet of the Hats, there’s a little gem by Santux. It reads as follows:

What do you think about a Lock and Load type treatment with Lava Surge? *Flame shock ticks have a 30% chance to make your next Lava Burst not trigger its cooldown* Would definately solve the problem of the 8 second window having meaningless Surge procs.

For those that don’t know, Lock & Load is a hunter ability.

You have a 100% chance when you trap a target with Freezing Trap, Freezing Arrow or Frost Trap and a 6% chance when you deal periodic damage with your Immolation Trap, Explosive Trap or Black Arrow to cause your next 2 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo. This effect has a 22 sec cooldown.

Of course, this sounds like a nifty idea, especially from the point of view where it makes the proc easier to use and react to. Thusly, I needed to do some math on this (because that’s… well… what I do?) and produce a nice shiney graph from GoogleDocs. I took the previous sheet I’d made to look at Lava Surge, removed the now non-existent 30% chance, and turn the 10% one into a 20% Lock & Load type proc instead.

A word of warning: I went with a fairly simple calculation on this, which is why you see the spikes/dips at certain haste percentages, and I’m also ignoring the damage from Flame Shock, as it should be consistent for each of the models. The overall difference isn’t much, but it is a slight improvement while also making it easier to use. Remember my Current Lava Surge model assumes some delay on recasting Lava Burst due to current casts and user delay.

PS: the original post had a different graph, because I mixed up on adjusting for an overall dps figure, and I used the “with proc” value as my comparative figure instead. Oopsy.


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4 Responses to Lava Surge, Part Two

  1. Shuuwki says:

    Given that targeting for our Fire Elemental and Searing Totems might target through our Flame Shock, this would be a good way to clean it up a bit, so that we can stick to a single Flame Shock and not confuse our totemic buddies.

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  3. Charles says:

    So a lock ‘n load mechanic would actually scale *better* with haste than the present one? The main criticism I read of the idea was that it would scale worse with haste and Lava Surge is clearly meant to make us scale better with haste etc etc. (But I’m not sure I buy that anyway – we already scale extremely well with haste except at ridiculously high values which shouldn’t be possible in Cataclysm anyway. If anything it’s our general scaling and maybe specifically crit scaling which needs to improve.)

  4. Sanctux of Dark Iron says:

    “A Lock n Load proc doesn’t make it scale with haste at all, it just allows you to fire off 2 every 8s instead of 1. Instead of a LnL treatment they might as well double the cast time, damage, and overload chance and call it a day. And then we would still be in the same boat we were in Wrath: A nuke that starts at borderline OP, doesn’t scale with haste or crit through the expansion, and leaves us behind as other casters gear up. (To be nitpicky, not exactly double. At any realistic levels of haste and a 20% proc chance you have ~70% chance to get a proc within 8 seconds.)”

    -jontaxe , from EJ thread

    It seems his point is valid, no? I think the real kicker of a problem I am seeing with current Lava Surge is that it can be useless or awesome depending on random luck. Some randomness is O.K., but perhaps it has too much in regards to its usefulness per proc?

    Or, is the focus on scaling Lava Burst with haste, in which case it appears that the Lock and load mechanic could be a better answer than current Lava Surge?

    Instead, maybe we need to invent ways to make Lava Surge ‘unwastable’ in the form of bad proc timing? Few ideas to start:

    1.) Lava Surge proc increases damage of next LvB by 10% (in addition to resetting cooldown)

    2.) Lava Surge proc increases Flame shock duration by 1/2 damage periods (in addition to resetting cooldown)


    3.) Lava Bursts cast after a Lava Surge proc debuff target with a “Flame Shock vulnerability” increasing Flame Shock DoT damage much like Haunt does for Warlocks (in addition to resetting cooldown).

    Just some random thoughts I suppose. Mostly reposted from my comment on PoH, but I had not yet seen Bink’s newest post on the topic yet, so some changes have been made.

    Very interesting numbers you have here Bink, I would not have expected those.

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