Raid DPS Breakdown

So this time around I’m looking at the DPS breakdowns of the various specs in ICC normal & hardmode. The “raw” data was obtained from the Kamigami Tools hosted at Stratfu.

Rather than comparing absolute values, I’m using the average dps divided by the top DPS percentages that are provided on each page. This means that high dps fights like Blood Queen or Saurfang don’t skew the results. Gunship isn’t listed, and I’ve dropped out Dreamwalker because the DPS side is as hectic and variable as Gunship. I also dropped out Subtlety Rogues, Frost Mages, and Beast Mastery Hunters because their results were lower and based on fewer data points, mostly because nobody raids as those specs.

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Long time, no see

Yeah ok, I’ve been slack lately. Well… slack in terms of blogging anyway, I’ve been fairly busy with Real Life stuff lately.

‘Quakin’ in my shoes

If you watch/read/listen to the news on a regular basis, you’ll have heard of the 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch at the start of the month. Guess where I live? Yep. Fortunately there was no major damage (I successfully dodged the quakes Make Massive Wooden Bookcases Fall Over attack) although since I’d gone out the night before I had about 3 hours sleep between 9am Friday and 1am Sunday. This resulted in me doing a zombie impression for a few days, but fortunately I had the Monday off.

A good site to see information on the quakes is Geonet (if you want a specific seismograph drum, the MacQueen Valley one is closest to me), although the animations on Christchurch Quake Map is also pretty good (you can see the quakes as circles for magnitude, coloured by depth, and it initially looks like a whole bunch of bubbles).

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