Long time, no see

Yeah ok, I’ve been slack lately. Well… slack in terms of blogging anyway, I’ve been fairly busy with Real Life stuff lately.

‘Quakin’ in my shoes

If you watch/read/listen to the news on a regular basis, you’ll have heard of the 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch at the start of the month. Guess where I live? Yep. Fortunately there was no major damage (I successfully dodged the quakes Make Massive Wooden Bookcases Fall Over attack) although since I’d gone out the night before I had about 3 hours sleep between 9am Friday and 1am Sunday. This resulted in me doing a zombie impression for a few days, but fortunately I had the Monday off.

A good site to see information on the quakes is Geonet (if you want a specific seismograph drum, the MacQueen Valley one is closest to me), although the animations on Christchurch Quake Map is also pretty good (you can see the quakes as circles for magnitude, coloured by depth, and it initially looks like a whole bunch of bubbles).

WoW Stuff

I finally got my noob mage to 80 and got her some epics, the druid is picking up heroic gear left right & centre thanks to a late night weekend 25m ICC raid, and I finally got Kingslayer on my shaman.

TotemSpot is ticking along nicely, with 424 members so far. Still need to get more work done in the Wiki (or more accurately I need to get some willing bodies to start creating pages and populating basic details), and I’m playing with a spreadsheet to do some initial rotation modelling. I don’t like resorting to stored RNG values, but it seems the best way to handle some of the calculations.

I’m also no longer writing for WoW Insider as I don’t think I fit in with their writing styles & target audience. It was fun, especially the bit where I got paid for it, but the post frequency ended up cutting into my spare time (and when you spend 10.5 hrs a day on work related stuff things that eat into your down time are to be frowned upon). It also means that once Cataclysm hits I can get to work on the stuff I’m known for, kick the resource/guides along at TotemSpot, and help out on the elemental side of EnhSim (seriously need a new name for that).

What’s next?

I’m hoping to get some more stuff up in the near future (still have the raid DPS graphs to put up somewhere), the above more-time-for things, and be a bit more vocal about upcoming changes.

That’s all from me today, stay tuned for the next irregular post from your favourite math-spec’d shaman,



About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

3 Responses to Long time, no see

  1. Dawn says:

    We’ll miss you Mr. Bink =) I think you could have shown more of your EJ persona and it would have been okay once people got used to the bite. The best lemonade makes you flinch on the first sip, after all. But I do understand your complaint with post frequency, it can be a lot of rehashing things you’ve already covered sometime.

    Glad you avoided the damage in Christchurch, and that you’re looking forward to doing more shaman work in the new expansion. I’ll be keeping a look out here and at TotemSpot.

  2. Rodalpho says:

    Good. Wowinsider sucks, and you don’t. I said as much when you first signed up with them.

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