Raid DPS Breakdown

So this time around I’m looking at the DPS breakdowns of the various specs in ICC normal & hardmode. The “raw” data was obtained from the Kamigami Tools hosted at Stratfu.

Rather than comparing absolute values, I’m using the average dps divided by the top DPS percentages that are provided on each page. This means that high dps fights like Blood Queen or Saurfang don’t skew the results. Gunship isn’t listed, and I’ve dropped out Dreamwalker because the DPS side is as hectic and variable as Gunship. I also dropped out Subtlety Rogues, Frost Mages, and Beast Mastery Hunters because their results were lower and based on fewer data points, mostly because nobody raids as those specs.

Now, without further ado, graphs!

Remember that this graph has an adjusted X axis scale to show the differences between the classes in more detail. The following is an un-adjusted graph sorted by DPS rank.

So now we can see how the averages of normal & heroic DPS output looks. Not much of a surprise with how things stack up, although it’s clearly apparent that Retribution Paladins and Shadow Priests are punching a bit above their weight (with respect to the “hybrid tax” levels of DPS) while a few of the pure DPS classes have specs that fall behind.

But these graphs just show an average of an average. To look at things with a bit more detail I resorted to some standard deviation calculations in excel, and then used this data to generate a “stock graph”.

This allows us to see how variable each class is over the fights. You can see that most of the specs sit around the 85-95% area, with Fire Mages & Fury Warriors taking out the top spots. Arms, Blood and Survival can clearly be seen to be “sub-par” with the extra depth to Enhancement most likely due to mobility issues on some fights.

Insert Conclusion Here

The conclusion? Aside from notable classes I’ve mentioned, everyone else is operating roughly where they should be, or a bit higher. Even Elemental, although I stand by my opinion that an Elemental Shaman beating you means you’re not doing too well. Also, I hope that seriallos continues with his data aggregation, and possibly includes more reports with it.


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2 Responses to Raid DPS Breakdown

  1. Rodalpho says:

    You didn’t mention fury being waaaaaay too high, although it might just be so obvious that you didn’t bother.

    • binkenstein says:

      Obvious point is obvious.

      If you hadn’t noticed, when I’m writing stuff for myself I tend to assume people have a few brain cells to rub together to make some basic assumptions. Otherwise I’d be writing massive paragraphs to explain each graph in detail, which I find boring and redundant.

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