New Raid Lockouts

The TL;DR version.

  1. You get to kill each boss once per week, no matter if it’s in 10 or 25
  2. If you clear part way through a 25 run, you can zone into a 10 with those bosses (and associated trash) already dead.
  3. If you join a raid that has cleared part way through the instance, but you have not, you get “caught up” and lose the chance to kill those bosses that week (to be confirmed).
  4. If you do heroics you are saved to an ID for heroics only (either 10 or 25). This has no impact on the above rules for normal (ie: you can do heroic 10 and then normal 25 afterwards)

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4 Responses to New Raid Lockouts

  1. Angelya says:

    Thanks for explaining.. the long version is a little confusing 🙂

    So are we still able to extend our progress for the next week? Or will we have to wait until this wednesday to see?

    • binkenstein says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s possible, just haven’t checked yet.

  2. Taser says:

    If the developers are really being paid for ideas like this….censored!!!

    Maybe someone of you guys can answer the following question:

    If a raid defeats 4 bosses in ICC25 on heroic and another 3 on normal mode. Would it then be possible to join a group for a ICC10 normal run? All 12 bosses? Or just the remaining 5?

    I am a little bit confused about the new raid lock system.

    • binkenstein says:

      Just the remaining 5 (or fewer)

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