Jewelcrafting Notes

You can get to 465 by cutting WotLK epic gems.

The following are used for daily quests. Use the other gems for levelling to 475 (you can’t pre-cut them as there is a “cut gem” requirement for the daily)

  • Timeless Nightstone
  • Solid Zephyrite
  • Jagged Jasper

The 3rd Edition of the Jewelcrafting Organisation Spreadsheet is up. Now you too can see which gem cuts your guildies have taken to get maximum coverage as quickly as possible, or see who you have to hit up to get that one cut you desperately need. To make your own copy, go into the Google Docs File menu and select Make A Copy.

Money Making

Your spare Alicite, Carnelian and Hessonite can be used (in combination with some Jeweler’s Settings) to make items to dis-enchant. It’s also worth noting that you can get rare and even epic versions of these items.

Also, don’t forget to keep a decent supply of all gems on hand, to use in your daily Fire Prism production.


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2 Responses to Jewelcrafting Notes

  1. Taser says:

    Hi Bink,

    do you have any official confirmation that it is possible to get epic versions of these rings? Never heard of this before. I made approx. 30-40 items and got 3 rare ones.


    • binkenstein says:

      I haven’t seen it myself, but notes in wowhead suggest it is possible.

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