Almost 6 Months Later (A Post About Earthquakes, Forums and Guides, Oh My!)

It’s time for another exciting (personal) blog post from Binks! I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat since the last one… ok, maybe not, but still, here’s another one.


So it’s nearly 6 months after the Sept 4 earthquake, and we’re still getting aftershocks. Some of these aftershocks are so big that there are now ~5 different “events” that people can make claims through EQC about.

There are a few sites up to look at the quake data:

The total quake count ranges from 4112 to 4459 depending on which site and how they track them.

There’s also some information on GeoNet about how strong the quakes have been.

The epicentre of the quake was 10 km south-west of Christchurch city at a depth of 10 km. It is the first aftershock of the Darfield (Canterbury) earthquake over magnitude 5 since October 19.

The strongest ground shaking today was measured at Lincoln (LINC), and this earthquake has crept in at number 5 in the list of its top 5 shakes for Lincoln:

Date Magnitude Peak Ground Acceleration
4 Sep 2010 4:35 am 7.1 91.426 %g
4 Sep 2010 7:56 am 5.2 21.83 %g
5 Sep 2010 1:04 pm 5.0 15.473 %g
6 Sep 2010 11:24 pm 5.2 15.116 %g
20 Jan 2011 6:03 am 5.1 14.189 %g

The top 5 shakes as recorded at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens (CBGS) seismograph, close to the city centre, are:

Date Magnitude Peak Ground Acceleration
26 Dec 2010 10:30 am 4.9 48.455 %g
4 Sep 2010 4:35 am 7.1 18.124 %g
8 Sep 2010 7:49 am 5.1 15.685 %g
19 Oct 2010 11:32 am 5.0 7.229 %g
25 Sep 2010 7:58 pm 4.1 4.132 %g

For those that are wondering, “g” = gravity, aka 9.81 meters per second squared. The Sept 4 quake went for around 40 seconds which is why it did so much damage, but you can see why the ~5 second quake on Boxing Day (what we call the Dec 26th holiday over here) did additional damage. There’s brick building facings that have gaps about 1 cm wide in the brickwork where the top section has moved to the left, and yet more fencing in town.


The 4.0.3 guide is up, alive, and suffering from multiple edits as I keep updating stuff. The Wiki linking is pretty damn awesome, although I still need to do a lot of work to fill out the pages (wtb more content peons). I did put a submission in for the MMO-C guide contest, but I didn’t win anything (Bibi commented that I had no pictures. Pictures? Me? Pfft. I try to make things accurate, not pretty). It has since popped up in the “Rare” category, although I can’t edit any of my posts over there for some weird reason, but I’ve already tried the maintain-multiple-copes-of-a-guide thing before so I’m not really worried.

Still need to get some Enhancement & Restoration guide writers for TotemSpot, as most of them do their own sites or wow forums, and get some active web development going (for I am code illiterate, and both Pewter & masanbol have very little free time to do anything at the moment). We might get some ads on there to get the site self funded, and then explore getting a vB licence and other stuff.


There’s still the unfortunate impression out there that people are “entitled” to help from people like myself. I’ve been told that I’m wrong, unhelpful, arrogant, and going the wrong way about getting feedback. I’ll listen to people if they make a valid case, but more often then not it’s a case of “I have this awesome idea” with no actual reasoning behind it.

I will admit that I’m rather blunt, and the way I write is conducive to people thinking I’m angry etc, but that’s just me. My job is to help people with software, so I don’t want to have to continue doing the same thing at home either.

As such, I think I should limit my forum use to ElitistJerks & TotemSpot, purely because the former has awesome moderation, and the latter has a good little community that’s ticking along well. Other sites like MMO-C, Wowhead, Manaflask etc all have the same irritating feel to them. Well, they irritate me somewhat with the QQ threads (Oh noes, Paragon didn’t use any shaman on their first Sinestra kill), wishlisting (Here’s my awesome idea of how to fix Shaman number eleventy billion) and endless repetition of help me threads (I don’t mind them, but when there are multiple threads going for the same issues, and guides that answer questions already it just makes me go “arrrggg!”).

That last bit gets me sometimes. I put a lot of effort into the guides, and every time someone starts a thread or asks a question where I can go “Read the fracking guide!” it makes me think that guide writing is pointless, and what I should really do is quit my day job so I can hand-hold people through playing their Elemental Shaman.

But only if I got paid lots to do it.

Extra Added Bonus: Hero/BL/Timewarp macros

Seriously, who doesn’t have a macro to go /y when you hit the button? (handy tip: a macro to prevent it from being cast outside of combat is useful).

My latest creation is “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”. Previously I was using another Monty Python joke, yelling “Charge!” when it was used, then “Run away!” 40 seconds later.

Of course, every mage needs a /y Lets do the time warp aagaaaainn! macro.


A Day In The Life Of Binks

This is a typical work day for me.

6:20am: alarm goes off.
6:30am ish: get out of bed, go have a shower & shave.
7:00am: get dressed
7:18am: catch bus to town
7:45am: arrive in town, get smoothies for breakfast and a sub for lunch
8:15am: arrive at work.

I get the occasional chance to check forums during the day, quick lunch at my desk, but otherwise I’m generally busy.

5:00pm: leave work
5:45pm: arrive home, get dinner, maybe do some dailies
7:00pm: raid. On off nights I’ll run some heroics, farm consumable mats, or watch some tv.
11:00pm: go to bed

So now you understand why I only write sporadically, don’t hand hold people, and don’t do everything that people would like me to do.