Elemental 201: Ability Management

Hello Class. Today we’re going to look at some of the more advanced & finicky details of the Elemental Rotation, or in other words, Looking Into The Future.

Essentially, making sure you know what is coming up is one of the most important things to do when trying to improve your damage output. This means that you can do things like cast Earth Shock early, or delay it, when you know what is coming up. For example. if I see that my Lava Burst cooldown will be up in a second or so after my next Lightning Bolt cast finishes, and I have my yellow eight lightning shield charges warning up, I’ll cast Earth Shock next rather than another Lightning Bolt in order to get that Lava Burst out earlier.

This is why bar systems like EventHorizon or Gnosis are useful. They allow you to see what is coming up, rather than what you have to react to now. Using Power Auras and other popup indicators are useful, but if you don’t have some sort of indicator that allows you to make split second decisions about what to cast next then every Lava Burst cast will be a surprise reaction, as opposed to a more informed choice for when you don’t get a Lava Surge proc. One of the reasons I like EventHorizon is that it allows me to put some extra time bars in, so in addition to the 0 point (ie: now) I also have a pair of lines, one at 2 seconds and the other at 5. This gives me a good indicator for managing my shock casts, as well as a better visualisation of how my other cooldowns are going.


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