Doing Things Better: Updating Stat Weights

A number of sites run stat weight based systems (wowreforge, askmrrobot, wowhead, for example), but all of these sites either rely on their users to provide them with the stat weight values, or do their own work to produce those values. This means that you either need to manually update the preset EP values every time you use a site, or assume that the presets are accurate, which isn’t always the case. I know from my own experience with theorycrafting that the first, second or even third look at how things work may be incorrect as new patch notes and hotfixes get assimilated into our current understanding.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be easier if we had a better way to connect those doing the early theorycraft/guide work with sites that use their findings? That way site administrators don’t have to manually update their stat weights, and users get more accurate information.

To do this I’m suggesting the creation of a standardized XML format for defining stat weights, which can then be distributed to item sites either by uploading them to specific community/theorycrafting sites, submitting them directly, or via some other means. They can even be turned into import strings for in-game addons like Pawn. The XML files would contain information on the class, spec, tier level, all possible stats with a use/don’t use flag, stat weights & stat caps. As this progresses we would be able to build multiple EP stat weight sets for those just starting out on 5mans, vs those working on the latest heroic raid, and adjust weights for specific breakpoints (eg: haste over X%, hit over cap being zero).

Of course, this will require a wider community participation than just myself, so if you are interested in this, leave a message here. If there is enough interest to move forward with this, I will create a sub-forum on TotemSpot to start discussing it.


VPLC proc chances

Working out double crits to reduce overall crit frequency. Warning: heavily math based

Pair of casts: Crit^2

Normal cast freq: crit^2/((lbcast * lbcount + shockcast * shockcount)/(lbcount + shockcount))

LvB + normal cast: Crit

LvB Surge offset:  0.2/fs tick time

LvB double freq with surge: Crit*(1+surge offset)/9 (9 being slightly longer than the base internal cd to allow for not casting as fast as we’d like)

Can then add both freqs together to get a cast based charge frequency (C Freq). Can then add on a value for FS freq based on crit/fsticktime less C Freq to give a dot based frequency which will be greater or equal to zero (D Freq). Subtraction occurs due to the fact that a FS crit will only have an impact if there isn’t a cast based crit (while in reality it can happen in either direction, this makes things simpler).

Add C Freq and D Freq together to get an overall proc frequency per second.

Assumptions made: ignoring fulmination as a separate spell, but it would double the crit chance for ES and increase proc chances. Add in later for a more complex model.