VPLC proc chances

Working out double crits to reduce overall crit frequency. Warning: heavily math based

Pair of casts: Crit^2

Normal cast freq: crit^2/((lbcast * lbcount + shockcast * shockcount)/(lbcount + shockcount))

LvB + normal cast: Crit

LvB Surge offset:  0.2/fs tick time

LvB double freq with surge: Crit*(1+surge offset)/9 (9 being slightly longer than the base internal cd to allow for not casting as fast as we’d like)

Can then add both freqs together to get a cast based charge frequency (C Freq). Can then add on a value for FS freq based on crit/fsticktime less C Freq to give a dot based frequency which will be greater or equal to zero (D Freq). Subtraction occurs due to the fact that a FS crit will only have an impact if there isn’t a cast based crit (while in reality it can happen in either direction, this makes things simpler).

Add C Freq and D Freq together to get an overall proc frequency per second.

Assumptions made: ignoring fulmination as a separate spell, but it would double the crit chance for ES and increase proc chances. Add in later for a more complex model.


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One Response to VPLC proc chances

  1. Yaghor says:

    do VPLC affected by talents glyphs (like lightning bolt glyph) or other and does it make feedback procs ?

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