Things to add to the new Elemental Guide

Hello Peoples,

I’m currently working on a new Elemental Guide. The main page is for the basic stuff, with links at the end of each section to the “more advanced/detailed” stuff. What I want to know is what extra stuff you think should be added to the guide. Obviously the advanced sections are a work-in-progress, and I have a few more things I want to add in, but I thought this would be a good time to get your feedback.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

One Response to Things to add to the new Elemental Guide

  1. Rext says:

    Hi, I think it would be nice to have alittle more information on searing / Fire ele. When I started playing ele a while back I had alot of questions reguarding aligning procs with fire ele / delaying ele for proc alignments / that sort of thing. While I did find answers I still think it would help people new to ele. Just a thought :). Another thing could be a starting rotation, Em first then fs so fs has updated haste? or fs then Em etc. Hope this helps :).

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