4.3 fixes for 4.2 problems

With Dragon Soul/4.3 approaching I thought it would be a good time to look at the firelands boss fights and see what problems are there, and whether they have been addressed in the new patch.

Firstly, everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Shannox. This is a fight where our sale target and high mobility comes in handy.
Things to fix: none
Changes made: can’t fix what ain’t broken.

From here we visit the web covered lair of Beth’tilac. Elemental doesn’t fare so well here due to the multi target environment in the first phase (unless you’re some sort of tab targeting flame shocking nova god), but the second phase comes back to our usual single target goodness.
Things to fix: can’t handle short AoE bursts and effective single target damage requires some ramp up (also have shock cool down issues).
Changes made: the removal of the chain lightning cool down, plus a buff to earthquake will make AoE a lot easier, in both the fire-and-forget form and active cleaving. Shock cool downs shouldn’t be an issue with quick target deaths making flame shock somewhat useless, and the higher CL damage plus more frequent orb generation should make CL plus ES spam more useful than any FS plus LvB use.

Rhyolith is a similar story to Beth with the combination of AoE and single target damage requirements.

Alysrazor is a little different. While the fit is primarily single target damage, other mechanics “conspire” against us, primarily the haste buff while flying not being as advantageous to us as other classes, and the importance of interrupts which will almost always involve shaman (although it is worth noting that the 2 second lock out from wind sheer is a downside in this encounter, rather than something that can be ignored).

Things to fix: haste scaling, dependence on shaman for interrupts
Changes made: while shamanism has received a minor boost, nothing has really changed with respect to how we scale with haste buffs. We’ve already seen two boss fights this expansion which have encounter based haste buffs, which has some people suggesting more mastery focused gear sets for these specific fights.
As for interrupts, I don’t think anything will change for wind sheer this expansion, but I hope that we see an increase to both the lock out and cool down to bring it into line with other classes to avoid the shaman interrupt team in raids, and move to less class based but more team work focused interrupt requirements.

Both Baleroc and Majordomo Staghelm are similar to Shannox, with mostly stationary dps phases inter-spaced by short movement phases, although for Staghelm there is more movement and more cleaving.

The same thing can be said for Ragnaros as well, as the cleave/AoE portions have already been covered earlier. There are still a few general concerns about damage output, mostly related to fire totems, but aside from that everything looks pretty good.


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