Stand By For Stuff And Other Things

Ok, I’ve decided to resurrect this as my online Wall-of-Text posting thing. Content will eventually happen, and cover various games which I’m playing and feel like writing about, which will include World of Warcraft (mostly Warlords math and possibly Alpha content if I’m lucky enough to get in), Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm (Yes, I’m in the Alpha for this) and whatever else I end up playing, which may include things like Wolfenstein: The New Order & Civilization 5.

One question for readers though: Should I put a donation/fundraising plugin thingie whatsit into my blog? I’ve seen various streamer/video types doing it (or having ad content), but since I’m a more infrequent text content producer I’m not sure of the pros/cons/etc, but it wouldn’t be for “extra access” or whatever, more just “Hey, I like that stuff that you do, have a few $$ as a thank you” type thing. Something like FundRazr is what I’m thinking, although if someone has an alternate suggestion that would be cool (or I just make a post with my Paypal details in it).

Oh, and yes, I’m working on a WoD 6.0 Ele spreadsheet for modelling/testing stuff. I don’t expect it will last past the release of WoD as things are much to variable to model accurately, but it’ll be useful as the Alpha/Beta goes on.


About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

2 Responses to Stand By For Stuff And Other Things

  1. kitsu says:

    Ive seen a few sites with a little icon or a small pic that says Buy me a and it just links to a paypal details page. probly wouldnt be too invasive/much work.

    • kitsu says:

      it edited out things in carrots. Buy me a “Drink of choice”

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