That Social Funding Thing

One of the things that I’ve been wondering for a while, in part thanks to the fairly successful BlizzWatch Patreon Campaign is how far funding models like this can extend to other content creators like myself. Obviously I’m not someone who writes frequently (or amazingly, to be honest), nor do I publish content via sites like YouTube or Twitch which allow you to potentially earn a living through.

To be honest, video content or streaming would be somewhat boring if I were to do it. So in lieu of ads, subscribers & all that I thought I’d create an experiment with Patreon and see if it’s something that can be applied to more intangible content creation. If people want to participate, that would be awesome & appreciated (especially given the ongoing medical costs from this post last year) but if not then that’s also OK too.

I’m not placing any funding requirement on doing the same stuff I’m doing now, although I’ll look into doing a little more depending on how successful this is. If you don’t want to do Patreon stuff but still want to throw a few dollars my way, there’s a donate button in the sidebar somewhere. I’m also doing this as a test-run for others out there who do some “community” based work essentially free of charge as a way of saying “thanks for the hard work”, or for helping out those who have actual ongoing costs related to what they do.

That’s it, really. I’m horrible at writing lots of words on subjects like this. The link is below, sign up if you want. Lets see where this takes us.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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