ERC 6.2.0 PTR r038

ERC 6.2.0 PTR r038

Continuation of the “engine” rework. L60/90/100 talents + set bonuses should be fully functional & evaluations of those should be mostly correct. Stat weights are also working, but only single target as yet.

T18 set bonuses have been updated to account for yesterdays PTR updates.


ERC 6.2.0 PTR r037

ERC 6.2.0 PTR r037

Major Overhaul of Calc “Engine”

Currently I should have the primary Calcs page finished, but anything working out individual DPS values of talents, stats, etc is still using the “old” method if it hasn’t been completely ripped out.

The overhaul is to handle the Legendary Quest Ring proc, which also means more elegantly handling cooldowns like Bloodlust, Ascendance and Elemental Mastery. Have also updated some calculations for other things like Unleashed Fury & Elemental Fusion.


Only stuff I’m interested in at the moment is if something isn’t working correctly with the configuration settings & the resulting DPS output. Everything else is pretty much broken at the moment, so there’s no point in saying anything :p

The controls for the class trinket & legendary ring will eventually be tied into the Items page, so they’ll only trigger when you have them equipped. Will also see if I can do something with Ascendance delays to line up with the ring, but that’s something for later on.

Archive: Simulation Tips & Tricks

This entry will be my collection of random tips & tricks for using SimulationCraft. I’ll update this as I find/use more things on a regular basis.

Simulation Settings


Optimal Raid gives all relevant buffs/debuffs (Haste, Mastery, etc).


The HTML setting allows you to specify the name of the html report.


Calculate Scale Factors is a switch to generate all possible stat weights, which will be based on adding 1000 to each stat.


In addition to this, you can set the interval for calculating the stat weights (default = 1000)


The Iteration setting controls how many times a particular combination is run. The higher the number the more accurate it is, but the longer it will take. 25,000 is a good number to use.


Changes the fight conditions. Possible fights are lightmovement, heavymovement, helterskelter (a chaotic fight), patchwerk (no raid events/movement) and ultraxion (based on the DS fight with temporary invulnerabilities)

Data Exports


Exports reforge & plot results to the specified CSV file

Multi-profile Simulations
We can use multi-profile sims to compare classes, raiders, talents or other configuration changes. To do this we create a new simc file, but instead of the rotation/gear profiles we refer to secondary simc files.



Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=Untalented talents=000000 glyphs=unleashed_lightning
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_Echo_UL talents=000302 glyphs=unleashed_lightning
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_AS_UL talents=000202 glyphs=unleashed_lightning
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_EM_UL talents=000102 glyphs=unleashed_lightning

We can use virtually any line reference from the normal profiles to carry out an override on a particular profile. In the following example I’ve changed the meta gem used by overriding the head setting, and also disabled the T15 4pc bonus.



Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=Untalented talents=000000 glyphs=unleashed_lightning tier15_4pc_caster=0 head=headpiece_of_the_witch_doctor,id=96696,gems=burning_primal_320haste_180crit,reforge=spi_mastery
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_Echo_UL talents=000302 glyphs=unleashed_lightning tier15_4pc_caster=0 head=headpiece_of_the_witch_doctor,id=96696,gems=burning_primal_320haste_180crit,reforge=spi_mastery
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_AS_UL talents=000202 glyphs=unleashed_lightning tier15_4pc_caster=0 head=headpiece_of_the_witch_doctor,id=96696,gems=burning_primal_320haste_180crit,reforge=spi_mastery
Shaman_Elemental_T15H.simc name=PE_EM_UL talents=000102 glyphs=unleashed_lightning tier15_4pc_caster=0 head=headpiece_of_the_witch_doctor,id=96696,gems=burning_primal_320haste_180crit,reforge=spi_mastery

You can also use stats= to define the stats on an item. This is useful to zero the stats on trinkets so you’re evaluating only the proc.

Batch Running Simulations
It’s also possible to use a batch file to launch multiple copies of the command line tool to generate multiple report files.

start “simc” /d c:\simc\ /wait simc.exe foo.simc
start “simc” /d c:\simc\ /wait simc.exe foo2.simc

This will launch each simulation in sequence, ie: wait for foo.simc to complete before starting foo2.simc.

Elemental Rotation Calcs r36

Re-host of the existing r36

ERC 6.1.0 Live r036