Questions & Feedback: On the Flying Debate

One of the “recent” things over the last week has been the re-confirmation that there will be No Flying In Draenor, with the added possibility of No Flying In Future Expansions. This, of course, has brought much outrage from the community for reasons I’m not exactly sure of. While I’m not discounting the fact that those who want flying back have valid points, I’m concerned with the How of the discussion.

Not Being Listened To

Any time I see someone complain that they’re “not being listened to” because the specific changes they want aren’t being implemented is a bit delusional. Almost everyone is being listened to, and those that aren’t are either because they’re so abusive in their responses that they get banned, or are posting in places where Blizzard CM’s aren’t watching.

As for everyone else, the CM’s & Devs are actually paying attention to what is being said. I’d imagine that internally there may be voices of dissent, where they disagree with the design decision and agree with some of the community, but as an outwards facing group they need to have the same viewpoint which aligns with their design goals.

Incorrect Response

A lot of the complaints about the No Flying discussion has been about how wanting the return of flying isn’t a valid response to the “How can we make your no-flying experience better?”. In this I think the complaints are a bit off, as the way the question has been framed is specifically aimed at not changing this design decision to not have flying.

It’s like responding to “Would you like this in Red, Blue or Black?” with “I want it in Green”. You’re not really answering the question and in demanding that your response is taken seriously you’re beginning to act like a spoiled child.

Wanting Flying Back Is Still A Valid Viewpoint

I’m not saying that this isn’t a valid viewpoint, but I feel that a number of people need to split the responses to developer questions from their desire to get flying back in the game. Continue to make feedback on this, but please remember to actually think about how you respond to questions rather than “I just want flying back”.

One of the examples I’ve seen is that Archaeology is “less fun” without flying. From my own experience, the problems mostly revolve around the fact that dig sites are often too large to cover effectively with ground mounts. A solution to this, and keeping within the “no-flying” bit of the question, would be to reduce the size of many or all dig sites.

Better Feedback Makes A Better Game

Feedback on anything is useful, but only if it’s clear, concise & understandable. Make sure that you understand the questions being asked, frame your responses with that in mind, and together we can help make World of Warcraft a better game.