Simulating Conversation

I’ve set up a bunch of sim “batches” which use the default profiles to generate data. They can be found here. The current sets are for both T17 and T18, currently based around the Mythic profiles, and cover both trinket and talent variations. The question is whether there are any other Elemental specific sim profiles that should be set up like this, so I (or anyone else) can produce the same results with minimal effort (and a lot of CPU power).

I’m not publishing results at the moment, partially because I’m still refining some things (like the recently added Flame Shock refresh conditionals only apply to when you take Unleashed Fury), and partially because PTR updates are still occurring. I should point out that the trinket run takes about 2 hours with 4 threads on my i7-3770, and while the talent one takes similar time normally, it can run for 8-9 hours if stat weights are also being generated.

The current profile set includes:

  • T17 & T18 Normal, Heroic & Mythic Set Bonus evaluations (with stat weights) – Added 17th June
  • T17 & T18 Mythic Trinket evaluations (T17 only includes 6.1 trinkets)
  • T17 Mythic & T18 Normal, Heroic & Mythic Talent combinations

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