Elemental 6.2 Patch Update


I’m still refining a few things, mostly around profile generation for SimCraft. I’ll try to keep all the profiles included in a post here as well as putting some more “guide” type stuff, but there may be a few issues to iron out. I’ll get to that once I finish doing 6.2 update stuff.

IRC: We have a Shaman IRC on irc.coldfront.net called #earthshrine

Guides: I have two guide locations at the moment.

My Personal Wowhead guide is the one I’d recommend in most cases, as I’m aiming to put as much detail in there as possible.


  • L60: Elemental Mastery only beats out Echo of the Elements if your legendary ring use is every 2 minutes and delays do not result in losing a use of EM. Otherwise, go with whichever L60 talent you prefer (I’m sticking with Echo).
  • L90: Unleashed Fury is still slightly better than Primal Elementalist on Patchwerk results, but when you go to Heavy Movement sims they’re practically equal.
  • L100: Elemental Fusion wins hands down if you have Core of the Primal Elements (the class trinket from Archimonde). More on that later.


Multistrike is still first, with Haste & Crit roughly second equal (depending on your talents one will be slightly better than the other). Versatility is fourth, and Mastery is a distant fifth, with a value of 60% of Multistrike or less. For items, in most cases Multistrike wins over Item Level, unless the Multistrike item has Mastery and the higher item has Crit/Haste. Example stat weights will be updated over the weekend.


Core of the Primal Elements extends your Flame Shock by large amounts. This should be your primary single target & multidot trinket. You’ll want to have a Normal version of this over any Heroic trinkets (possibly Mythic too, need to reconfirm this). When recasting Flame Shock, if you have 2 Elemental Fusion charges and the Unleash Flame buff up you can recast it up to 78% of the base duration, or 100% if you’re using Unleashed Fury. This is to make sure that you have a fully buffed dot up at all times. The damage math works like this: 1.00 * (1 + 1.50) * (1 + 0.4) * (1 + 0.4 * 2) =  630% of the base damage with a Normal trinket. Mythic will have up to 756%

Remaining trinkets Unblinking Gaze > Prophecy of Fear > Iron Reaver Piston. Generally, Heroic HFC trinkets will beat Mythic BRF foundry trinkets.

Set Bonuses

Transition from T17: wait until you can get T18 2pc before dropping T17 4pc. Same with T18 4pc/T17 2pc.

T18 2pc: Don’t change your rotation priorities. ES20 trumps everything, but if you use ES15 & it procs just before Lava Burst comes off cooldown, cast Lava Burst and then go back to Earth Shock.

T18 4pc: Don’t change your rotation priorities here either. You’ll naturally maintain a high buff uptime, and there’s no point in trying to “game” this.

Gear Stuff

If you need to work out what items are best for you, try this handy item spreadsheet for both Elemental & Enhancement (produced in conjunction with wordup)

Boss Notes for Hellfire Citadel

I’m slowly making my own, but for a full list check out Gistwiki’s 6.2 FAQ


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

44 Responses to Elemental 6.2 Patch Update

  1. No-Rae says:

    Thanks a lot for putting all this together. There is one small thing I can’t seem to figure out though. With the class trinket and Echo, UF and EF talents, what will our optimal pull look like?

    This line “or 100% if you’re using Unleashed Fury” makes me wonder if something like this could be worth it:
    1: Precast LB -> FS -> LvB -> LvB -> UE -> FS -> Ascendance

    Basically, should I fit a FS before Ascendance in order to have an early, fully buffed FS going?

    • binkenstein says:

      Apply existing rotation logic to the opener.

      ie: Unleash Flame -> Drop totems -> precast either LB or EB -> FS on combat -> LvB -> LvB – > Ascendance.

      Precasting Lava Burst is pointless as you’re missing out on the 50% damage bonus from FS being up.

      The Flame Shock recast will happen after Ascendance ends when you have 2EF/UF up.

  2. tom lan says:

    You didn’t mention desecrated shadowmoon insignia (http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=124228/desecrated-shadowmoon-insignia&bonus=567) in the trinket part, why is that?

    • binkenstein says:

      Because there’s no way possible that an Int proc can be balanced for other classes and also make up for the horrible horrible value of Mastery

  3. summonstone forums are down, totemspot long gone. is there a new forum for the elemental shaman crew besides mmo-c ?

    • binkenstein says:

      I hope not, but I’m not organising them. Someone can take over totemspot if they do it quickly though.

    • Sigmatic says:

      Think we are just stuck on mmo-c this tier. Dude that runs summonstone said he was done with the forums since it was too much work (http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/3a0fi2/what_happened_to_the_summonstone_forums/cs90k2n).

  4. Fee says:

    You’re saying “For items, in most cases Multistrike wins over Item Level, unless the Multistrike item has Mastery and the higher item has Crit/Haste.” – Do I understand corrrectly, that 685 Multi/Haste is better than (e.g.) 700 haste/versa, with the exception 700 crit/haste > 685 multi/mastery. What about 685 Shard of Nothing with Socket (+50 MS) vs. 685 Darmac/Oregorger-Trinket and the lesser Int on the Shard?

    • binkenstein says:

      Pretty much, although trinkets are special cases that need to be considered separately.

      • Fee says:

        Thanks for the clarifications. Do you have a (rough) estimate, when an plain ilvl-upgrade is better, regardless of the second stats, e.g. does the rule above apply for an 640 -> 685 upgrade, when the 685 item hasn’t MS, while the 640 one has? I remember some text from early Draenor out there in the internet, stating, that roughly 10 ilvls are always better (~15 with a socket on the lower item). That doesn’t apply to us elementals at all?

        • binkenstein says:

          A 15 ilvl difference will almost always trump stats, but when you get lower than that it gets a bit complicated

          • Corey Marshall says:

            So if Multi is > ilvl, why would a heroic Voidcore not beat out a heroic edict? its a 5 ilvl difference with the 2/2 upgrade, 18 int difference and a 103 sp difference. Is the 121 SP gain better than the 5%+ Multi that you get from voidcore? Then you have the WF or socketed version of voidcore that would be better than a normal run of the mill edict?

  5. Deilyora says:

    You say that Prophecy of Fear is better than Unblinking Gaze of Sethe, but why and in wich case ?

    My sims with your profile tell me that UGoS is better than POF on ST, by like 1.5k dps.

    • binkenstein says:

      Are you running them with Core, or just stand alone?

      • Deilyora says:

        with core

        • binkenstein says:

          I’d ask about your version, but I’m waiting on 620-01 being released so I can run my batch profiles.

          • Deilyora says:

            My bad, POF effectively sim higher than UGoS on ST

            • Nurindun says:

              I feel like people are overvaluing PoF in “actual play” single target / spread situations(most of the bosses in HFC). In best case scenarios PoF is a little bit better at ST, the problem is that it does its dmg based on it applying a debuff to a target and then you have to continuing to hit that target for 10sec to get full benefit.
              So any time there is target switching, high movement or a phase change during a proc you can lose a lot of its effectiveness, you can also completely lose a proc if it triggers when your target is right at death.

              So taking into account that most of the fights in the next tier do not have real aoe situations I think you will find that UGoS comes out ahead on more attempts than not.

              • binkenstein says:

                You can make a lot of these arguments against Chain Lightning & Earthquake too. It’s a question of whether you optimise single target with not completely perfect AoE, or take not quite optimal single target with slightly better AoE.

                Could argue that the Gaze proc is also not ideal, given that it’s a beam, so anything outside of that doesn’t get hit.

                • Nurindun says:

                  Well, you are choosing when to cast CL / EQ(probably not during single target), you aren’t choosing when or even on what that PoF procs.
                  My point was simply to caution that you can’t really optimize the PoF proc, the best you can do I guess is to always be tunneling something with a lot of health so you don’t “miss” any uptime on procs… That is not generally the best way to go about killing bosses though imo.

  6. Sean says:

    Bink, how does Unleash factor in for a PE/EF build with the class trinket? I assume with the trinket, it’s worth the GCD.

  7. Gwynnellas says:

    First off thank you for all you do. It is very helpful and has bettered me as a player. My only question is what is the multistrike cap for ele shamans? I think I have 52%

    • binkenstein says:

      100%, ie: something you won’t reach

  8. SKSniper says:


    after reading your post here and your Wowhead in-depth guide I’m sitting here for quite some time now trying to understand the reason for the special refresh mechanism of the Core of the Primal Elements trinket.
    What part of the buff with Elemental Fusion and Unleashed Flame is lost during the duration of the Flame Shock so it is not “fully buffed” any longer below 78% of its duration and refreshing it outside the ‘30% time remaining’ window is required for optimal usage / a damage gain?

    Thanks for your help and all the work you are doing.

    • binkenstein says:

      No part of the buff is lost, it’s just that it’s better to lose duration and make sure that Flame Shock is refreshed during optimal conditions. Remember that there will be fewer EF charges available without the T17 4pc, and as MS/Haste goes up so too does your ES count.

      • SKSniper says:

        Ah ok I see. So it is more: refresh it when buffs align naturally and don’t mind the duration instead of intentionally only refreshing it during the last 30% and then start to panic when buffs don’t align and perhaps even mess up the rotation to get a fully buffed Flame Shock again?
        I think the wording on Wowhead got me a little on the wrong track as the following part sounded to me more like a “must” than a “can” to refresh it (with high priority rather than just on a good occasion):
        “…more complicated because the optimal use means recasting at <78% duration remaining (58-76 seconds)…".

        Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. Shocktix says:

    Hey Bink, i love your work and love for shamans. i was wondering if u have the numbers for our stat weights, just so i can use them on PAWN, Cheers!

    • binkenstein says:

      Not yet

  10. Grevik says:

    Hey Bink.

    Just wondering if you have any idea if the haste past the global cooldown, with lets say lust and EM, still contributes to faster Flame Shock ticks?

    For example with lust and EM rolling my casts are around .8. However since we cant cast under the natural gcd, all of that haste is wasted… Unless it still tacks on the increased speed of the FS. This is also without the 4p so there will eventually be even more haste. The idea behind this info was to figure out if i should stagger EM with Lust, but now with Ascen down to 2 mins as well im sure we will never stagger.



    • binkenstein says:

      Yes, it does. The GCD haste cap is 50%. As far as I’m aware dots have no haste cap, but if there is one it would be in the range of 300%. This also applies to Molten Earth, although via a slightly different method.

  11. Kevin says:

    Bink, you said this in your personal guide:

    For Min/Maxers the “best” talent combination at the moment is Echo/Primal Elementalist/Storm Elemental, as these talents offer a small gain over the others.

    Does this still hold true with the 2 minute ascendance change? I haven’t run any numbers but it seems you should always stack Elemental Mastery on it now right? Since it will always line up?

    • binkenstein says:

      Yes and no. I should really update that.

      • Kevin says:

        Please do! I’m really trying to squeeze out that last bit of dps lately. Also, what setup do you use on Tyant? Have you considered a thread on specific setups for current raid tier bosses?

        • binkenstein says:

          Updated the guide with that stuff, but no, not much on current bosses yet. I have notes on 6, properly moved 2 into the main guide. Gist has a good list here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18122676244

          • Kevin says:

            Awesome Bink thank you! I really appreciate all the hard work!

  12. Kragor says:

    Hi Bink,

    I’ve been reading your guides and they have been very helpful so thank you for the hard work first of all.

    Recently I’ve been trying to up my dps as my guild is planning on going into heroic and one of the problems that I have run into is that my damage does drop when I have to switch targets. Examples are switching to the Blood Globule or the Salivating Bloodthirsters in Kilrogg or switching from Construct to Construct on Gorefiend.

    I think the main problem is casting Flame Shock on my new target. When switching targets, there are times where I just used Flame Shock or Earth Shock and it is on cd so I can’t get the maximum dps when I switch. I have to wait until FS is off cd, cast FS, and then continue with the rotation.

    Is there any method that you use to maximize your dps when switching targets?

  13. Kevin says:

    Hey Bink, finally got that pesky class trinket and i’m figuring out how to work it into my priority list. I see you say:

    “When recasting Flame Shock, if you have 2 Elemental Fusion charges and the Unleash Flame buff up you can recast it up to 78% of the base duration, or 100% if you’re using Unleashed Fury. ”

    Maybe I’m dense but this is a little confusing to me. Are you saying that if you are running unleashed fury you should recast a fully buffed EFx2, UF, Flame Shock at any time?

    • binkenstein says:

      Only at 100% duration or less. Remember with the dot refresh mechanic you can get up to 130% duration on the target.

  14. David says:

    Hi Bink , can you explain why Mastery is behind Versatility ? In my experience on movement fights mastery is good.
    Also “crit&haste” on the same level. Is that for AOE and single target ?

    • binkenstein says:

      Because Mastery only affects Molten Earth, while Versatility affects everything.

      Single target.

  15. Joven says:

    Hey, not sure if you’re still checking these comments but I noticed last night that when I use UF+FS with two elemental fusion buffs it was doing 11k dps on a target dummy. But a couple weeks ago when I was figuring out the elemental rotation on a target dummy it was doing 15k dps. Any idea how or why this would have changed? none of my talents switched and if anything my gear improved…

    • binkenstein says:

      Nope. Anecdotal data point is anecdotal.

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