Personal Note: Community Expectations from TheoryCrafters

Ok, this is a bit of a /rant, so you’ve been warned.

Recently I’ve been cutting back on the Things Wot I Do. Recently this has included stopping work on the ERC spreadsheet, cutting back on the amount of guide work I’m doing (there are currently 3, and I’m thinking about reducing it to 2, plus I had to turn down an offer to review the Icy Veins guide too), and limiting things like a “Best In Slot List” (which, as an aside, I absolutely despise because a) you’ll never get there,  b) sockets/warforging can make slightly sub-optimal items better and c) sometimes it’s better to take that 1H/Shield combo over a 1H/OH or Staff because it helps gear your raid team) to the recent spreadsheet because that involved a lot of automation.

The reason for this is primarily medical. My partner is currently experiencing gall bladder problems, as yet undiagnosed, which means she can hardly eat anything and is starting to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. The stress of dealing with this is exacerbating my own problems, which is either Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or a combination of the two (plus an old shoulder injury from the July 2011 earthquakes which has been causing severe headaches & pain), mean that I am usually tired & in pain, taking 4-6 “Panadine” per day (500mg Paracetamol & 8mg Codeine) with maybe 50mg or more of Tramadol if things are really bad.

So as you can imagine, trying to function normally so I can work full time, get some WoW time in to get through the current dailies & Legendary quest stuff, and do what housework I can (more often than not we’re getting someone in for 2 hours each week to help with this) is exhausting my available energy reserves.

This means that when people complain that I am not “willing to put in their soul into the project” or stuff like that I get really angry, because there is no freaking way that I am going to put more time into any WoW related project at the expense of my health, just so someone knows which item is best in a meaningless trade off. To people like this I would just like to say “fuck off”. To everyone else who is being non-demanding, helpful, supportive, etc, all that really needs to be said is “less than three” (and no, I don’t mean two, or even one… but that’s a bad joke I make sometimes).

There is nothing preventing anyone from doing any of the things I do. All it takes is knowledge of your class, a basic understanding of maths (like how multiplication & division come before addition & subtraction), a basic understanding of excel, and the knowledge of how to answer questions yourselves. The only person who is ever preventing you from having the answers you want is yourself.

Here endeth the rant.


About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

3 Responses to Personal Note: Community Expectations from TheoryCrafters

  1. Joshua Kendall says:

    Well, thanks again anyway for everything you have done up to this point. Even the little bit helps.

  2. dean says:

    Much love

  3. Rodalpho says:

    If you don’t actually enjoy writing guides, etc, don’t do it. This is supposed to be a game. You shouldn’t feel obligated to continue something you no longer enjoy. Like you said, others can help fill the void.

    WoW shouldn’t come “secondary” to your health or that of your family– it shouldn’t even be on the same list.

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