My 6.2 Elemental Weak Auras

Yes, I know I’ve been a bit slack lately with this, but I have my Weak Auras mostly finished. There are a few tweaks I want to make, but they can wait. One word of warning for non-English users: everything uses spell names rather than spell IDs at this stage. If I get some time I’ll try converting it over to IDs where possible.

Important! There is now a flashy lightning “animation” over the center bar. This is the extra ES 20 warning, and is two copies of a custom texture extracted from the game & fixed up by Steven Eson. You need to download this and put it into a ICONS folder in your World of Warcraft\Interface directory (eg: G:\World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS).

For a video preview/explanation of the auras, I now have a handy video for it

To the left & right are my standard Lava Burst auras, and in the middle are some reminders for Lightning Shield, Searing Totem, and Augment Rune.

The fun stuff is the section at the bottom. Starting on the left we have a Flame Shock icon. This will show when Flame Shock is on the target, with a green border when under 9 seconds remaining (if you have Core of the Primal Elements I’d recommend changing this to your FS duration * 0.3) and now with new functionality the Unleash Flame or Elemental Fusion icons will show if one or both were used on the current Flame Shock cast, thanks to LUA work from Pawkets. It won’t show if you have 1 or 2 Fusion charges applied, but it’ll be a good indicator of when you can refresh early.

The icon under Flame Shock on the left is Earthquake, and will show either the Echo charge refresh or the cooldown, along with Enhanced Chain Lightning as the border glow effect (ie: it’s buffed & instant cast).

The central bar that goes blue -> yellow -> green -> red is my Lightning Shield tracker. Green is the ideal cast range, as is yellow if you have T17 4pc otherwise it’s the “get ready” area. Red indicates you’re capped out, and I’ve added a lightning bar behind it for this as well to make it more apparent (if I can trim the bars at each end of the texture I’ll put a better version of this in). Lastly, the background shows the shock cooldown as a red bar.

On the right we have a Lava Burst cooldown timer, with the Ascendance timer underneath it. The outer right icons are a Fire Totem tracker (the question mark) and a Fire Elemental tracker. The Legendary Ring tracker is to the left of Ascendance (and glows when it’s up). The icons in the middle from left to right are: Astral Shift/Stone Bulwark Totem, Shamanistic Rage, L100 tracker (Storm Elemental, Liquid Magma, Elemental Fusion charges), Unleash Flame, L60 tracker (Elemental Mastery & Ancestral Swiftness) & Spiritwalker’s Grace.

As an added bonus there is now a “mini totem tracker” which dynamically displays cooldowns for all those other totems you have. Includes: Capacitor, Earthbind/Earthgrab, Grounding, Healing Stream, Tremor, Windwalk.

Lava Burst
Primary Cooldowns
Lightning Shield & Earth Shock
Totem Group

Why so many links? Turns out loading many hundreds of Kb of WA strings disconnects some people, so I have to split some of the groups up.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

37 Responses to My 6.2 Elemental Weak Auras

  1. Shastokovich says:

    Awesome, thank you. Your weak aura keeps getting better 🙂

    A couple changes I am going to make to it are:
    1. Adding in the ring CD. Ring, EM, and Ascendance is a powerful 2 min combo.
    2. Adding in some utility totems next to Healing Stream. Grounding, Earthgrab, and Capacitor are all raid useful this tier and fit in the slot with Stone Bulwark moved over to the Astral Shift spot.

    My first thought was to add in something for the 4p, but it is really easy to see as it is with your setup.

    Thanks again.

    • binkenstein says:

      Ring CD has been added.
      Stone Bulwark has been moved to the AS spot.

      Might add in Cap/Ground/Grab tonight as you suggested, along with a better lightning animation for ES20.

      Update going out sometime soon… ish…

  2. Any idea why everytime I try and import the WA string it crashes my game?

    • DISREGARD. Fixed

      • binkenstein says:

        I was going to say “I’m not tech support here” or something :p

      • I am running into the same issue? Do you mind telling me how you fixed it?

        • And once again disregard. Got it on the third try.

      • I have been trying to get the WA to work but somehow always only Fulmination tracker and Lava Burst CD get imported. Also it bugs the WA so I have to reload everytime.

        • Tried turning off all other addons, tried importing on other characters, tried everything I guess. No solution. Wtb any help (I’m afraid it’s bugging because its too long string, might help splitting it into more groups).

          • binkenstein says:

            Just split it into two sets, try now

  3. Taylor Fountain says:

    hey bink. first off love your posts:D. i have a question about your weakaura that lets you know how strong your flameshock is on a target with the class trinket. i put a flameshock on targets varying from weak to strong with double fusion and unleash and get no indication on the strength of the shock i put up:D. any feedback is great thankya

    • Taylor Fountain says:

      ahh ok figured it out, just wasn’t/isn’t showing on the initial target I FS. Not showing if its a buffed one that is. None the less love the work you and Pawkets did making it:D. should save me alot of refreshing

  4. Tim Virgil says:

    We have set up one as well as 2 separate strings for Target / Focus… This is based off a solo WA that Tracked Bleed levels in physical numbers that i used in conjunction with Pawkets Feral WA…
    My guild leader has been going through making some WA for each of the classes that we have raiding with us. who ummm needed some help, and after he lost all his WA yesterday he started redoing his shaman’s and wanted to have something like my Bleed tracker for flame shock. After Much testing and modifying we have these. yes same issue you had with multi level Elemental fusion…

  5. Clawhaku says:

    Hi Binkenstein..

    I’m not a weak aura’s wiz but how do i do the following:

    “(if you have Core of the Primal Elements I’d recommend changing this to your FS duration * 0.3)”

    Also i dont seem to have the time left remaining on the cool downs on my aura’s…Is that a separate add-on or do is my UI interfering ??

    Your help is much appreciated.

  6. kingoglow says:

    Love the WA! I loaded all of the strings without issue but I am having a strange display problem. Whenever I join a group for a dungeon or raid, a large symbol is appearing in the center of the WA display (between the two lava burst auras).

    It looks sort of like an orange stone with runes. The icon is solid (not translucent) and sits in the middle of my screen and does not go away.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a way to resolve it?

    • binkenstein says:

      That’s my “remember to have your Focus Rune up” reminder. You can delete it from the reminders group if I remember correctly

  7. owls says:

    Just want to say thanks, you’re awesome ❤

  8. Yulia says:

    HI Bink! 1st of all want to thank you! But I have a question about your WA config. It’s about localization, cause I’m Russian and trying to use your config for my WA and have some issues (I know it’s expected) with display of the FSh buffs (unleash for exmpl) and some cooldowns under the LShield status bar. Maybe you can guide me what part I have to fix for Russian names of the spells and abilities? just don’t want to ruin the lua .. Thank u so much.

    • binkenstein says:

      Umm, for the Ele Snap auras go into the Triggers and change any of the spell names in the Custom Triggers, but aside from that I’ve got nothing sorry

      • Yulia says:

        Thank you for the fast answer )) I’ll try it, if you don’t mind I’ll give your config pack as “Binkenstein pack” for Russian wow version in my guild? a little localization for your talents and ideas)

        • binkenstein says:

          Yeah, that’s fine

  9. Pingback: How to start crawling out of your shame hole: Returning to raiding tips and tricks | Reality AFK: Shaman/Hunter Downunder

  10. Christian H. says:

    Awesome WeakAura stuff. Thank you very much for sharing this with all your shaman brothers in arms. I have made a couple of changes, added a few button glows and a lightning sound at 17 stacks. Also some a glow warning on the icon once theres 9 seconds remaining on Flame Shock.

    Again, thank you and awesome work.

    • Lizz says:

      Hi, can u share ur changes?

      • Christian H. says:

        Here you go.

        All Credit goes to Binkenstein for making such an awesome UI !

        • binkenstein says:

          Can you post a screenshot of the changes? Might work them into my copy but I don’t want to just cut/paste from your auras :p

          • Lizz says:

            i just can’t see screens or there is no screens at all yet? Want to check 1st too))

            • Christian H. says:

              I really didnt change much. I moved a couple of icons around and i added some glow effects to keep me from overlooking things during movement heavy raid encounters. It all comes down to personal preferences and i think everyone should change it by themselves, since nobody has quite the same UI, ive played on and off since classic and am completely unable to go away from the standard UI 😛

              The changes in particular:

              – Lightning strike sound at 17 shield stacks, with additional glow effects on the last 4 bars in the LS tracker.

              – A greyed out Flameshock symbol if youre in Combat and there is no flameshock on your current target, combined with a glow effect on my flameshock button. Glow effect also appears if 10 seconds or less on current flameshock.

              – Reminder for Fire totem has a glow effect to be more noticeable.

              – Additional Glow effects on Fire elemental, Ascendance and Elemental mastery symbols if in combat and usable.

              – I moved some symbols due to personal preferences, Ascendance and elemental mastery are now next to each other for example.

              – I moved the entire thing to a lower position to fit with my UI.

              – I reduced the symbols in enhancement spec down to a minimum since i only use it for solo play or fast heroics.

              And yes, i really like glow effects 🙂


              (in case someone is curious about the macros: Ascendance and elemental mastery are consolidated into one button press. Lightning bolt casts either bolt on enemy or heal on friendly depending on Target. Shamanistic Rage and Astral Shift are also consolidated but in cast sequence, first press being rage second shift. Couple of standard totem macros for totemic projection combination.)

              I found a couple of errors due to my fiddling on closer inspection and i think i cleaned them all up now. Please delete my post with the old links.






              If anyone really wants to use my settings and they dont fit your UI, keep in mind that its very easy to move entire groups in the weak aura settings.

              • Lizz says:

                hey, tnx alot! I’ll try ur WA today in raid hehe )) what about ur totem group – is this addon or wa ?sry for noods questions.. *shy*

                • Christian H. says:

                  The totem addon is Called FloTotemBar Gives you 1 freely movable and customizable bar for each element.

      • Christian H. says:

        I dont seem to able to post links in the comments… probably a spam protection of some kind…

        • binkenstein says:

          Yep, spam control, but I just approved it.

          • Christian H. says:

            Sorry for posting it 3 times then 😛

            • binkenstein says:

              I bahleeted the un-needed comments

  11. Kathy says:

    I love the looks of these but for me lava burst icon is not showing up and no count down on it.

  12. Bacon says:

    Bink! I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this blog! I loved reading your work back in LK on Elitistjerks. I took a break from the game for a while, and was lost when I came back to Draenor and it was dead.

    Your WA inspired me to stop being lazy and set them up for myself. I loved your base, but I really wanted something to track out T18 bonus, and more sound notifications. After a lot of tweaking, I came up with this (go easy on me, 1st time coding WA, very inefficient but it works lol).
    The 1st is the Lightning Shield Tracker, which started with your’s, but added a Gathering Vortex counter that grows in the inverse direction. When the pips overlap, casting ES will grant the haste buff. The other change is that the background lights up green when Shock is usable. Electric Shock sound when I hit 20 stacks when ES is usable.
    Second is the Haste Tracker. It gives a colored indication of the level and time remaining of the Lighting Vortex Buff. Each color change is a different haste level.
    Finally the Haste Alert. I’m sure this could have been much smaller with a Custom Trigger, but I had to work with what I knew. Anytime Lighting Shield+Gathering Vortex has enough charges to cause Lightning Vortex, Earth Shock is usable, and I either have no Lightning Vortex or 5 seconds or less remaining, it makes a sound and an icon.

    Hope this is useful, or even for tips on how to make it more efficient!

    • binkenstein says:

      Thanks, but I’m not making any further updates to this as I’m mostly focusing on Legion stuff atm

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