On “Cookie Cutters”


No, not those cookie cutters, although Ninja Bread Men are cool. “Cookie cutter” refers to a popular/predefined selection of options, or in WoW it refers to an “ideal” set of talents. There’s been some recent discussion about whether these are good, and whether players are too hard/hostile towards individuals who vary from the perceived idea.

There’s two parts to this problem, and I don’t think the problem lies with guide writers like myself. Read more of this post


Stupid Ideas: Engineering based Ranged DPS class for WoW

One of the subjects on twitter today was “What would you suggest for a new ranged DPS class?”. Many suggested the Bard, with a possible fourth role of Support (buffer, debuffer, etc), but I prefer an idea closer to home for Warcraft, like the Tinkerer, as this would be the class that High Tinker Mekkatorque and many other engineering based gnomes/goblins would be.

The general idea would be to take a lot of those quasi-scifi elements in WoW, along with some of the cool Engineering profession things which were removed, to make an interesting class to play. They would also be mail wearers, and use guns/bows, to fill some loot distribution holes. Read more of this post

Legion-ary Maths!

I’m working on a few things at the moment.


  • LavaCalcs is a basic rotation/stat weight calculator. I’m not going to go as far as evaluating every talent or set bonus, but you’ll be able to see the effects each has on your output.
  • Elemental Legion Math is my experimental sheet, mostly showing graphs for various things like Lava Burst frequency with various Lava Surge chances, Maelstrom generation vs Lightning Shield generaiton in Warlords, and Overload proc behaviour in small windows.
  • Guide work will start as we get further into beta, but this won’t be released until Legion actually goes live


What’s this, you say? Moonkin stuff? But aren’t you an Elemental Shaman Binks? Yes, but my “primary” alt has always been a Moonkin, and I’m going to keep my options open for mains this time around.

  • LunarCalcs is a work in progress, based off the Lava Calcs layout.
  • Guide? Maybe.