Stupid Ideas: Engineering based Ranged DPS class for WoW

One of the subjects on twitter today was “What would you suggest for a new ranged DPS class?”. Many suggested the Bard, with a possible fourth role of Support (buffer, debuffer, etc), but I prefer an idea closer to home for Warcraft, like the Tinkerer, as this would be the class that High Tinker Mekkatorque and many other engineering based gnomes/goblins would be.

The general idea would be to take a lot of those quasi-scifi elements in WoW, along with some of the cool Engineering profession things which were removed, to make an interesting class to play. They would also be mail wearers, and use guns/bows, to fill some loot distribution holes.

Spec One: Demolition

This spec would be based around the Goblins love for all things explodey. Abilities would involve things like

  • Shooting exploding rockets
  • Walking bombs
  • Rocket boots for jumping around
  • Self guiding rocket chickens
  • Drones that drop bombs on targets for AoE damage

Spec Two: Optics

For want of a better name, Optics would be a combination of Gnomish engineering and lasers, using laser guns (and bows) to attack targets.

  • Various laser attacks
    • Split beam for conal AoE
    • Focused beam for single target
  • Various drones
    • Refraction Drone is a prismatic crystal line ST->AoE converter
    • Hammer Drone is a single target CC, hitting the target with a mallet to keep them unconcious
  • Other gadgets
    • A team of mechanical squirrels as a slow, because who can run fast when you have 4-5 squirrels climbing over you?

Spec Three: Defensive

Again, a loose name because I’m horrible at actually naming stuff, but the Defensive spec could either be a healer or a tank, depending on how it was worked.

  • Medical drones for HoTs
  • Electromagnetic shielding for self mitigation
  • “Shooting” fellow players with a green beam to heal them
  • Ablative armour absorb effects
  • Use 1H/Shield instead of ranged weapons if tanking
  • Magnetic attraction/repel to pull targets close (or move away from them)

About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

2 Responses to Stupid Ideas: Engineering based Ranged DPS class for WoW

  1. Exactly what I would love to see! 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    cool ideas! We are definitely lacking ranged with all the new melee classes (DH/Surv Hunter/DK/Monk)

    I would actually like to see MM hunter spec switch to something like your Demo spec above. With heavy guns, gadgets etc. More of a heavy weaponry/mortar fire type of technology hunter.

    Then add crossbow demon hunter ranged spec.

    Switch rogue outlaw to a dual pistol rapid fire type of thing.

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