Alpha: Bug & Technical Notes

Collecting bug notes here.


  • Earth Shock tooltip is wrong. Currently showing 660% SP at 100 Maelstrom, although since this is at roughly 60% SP per 5 Ms the current tooltip seems technically correct
  • Artifact trait Searing Shocks extends dots by a fixed figure. All of my tests showed the dot refeshing based on a 30 sec max duration and then the additional 2 seconds tacked on the end. eg: 0 Ms 12 sec application, 15 sec refresh. Need to confirm refresh numbers with 20 Ms
  • Overloads seem to have a 70-80% range rather than being 75% of the triggering spellcast.
  • Flame Shock won’t refresh via Pandemic unless the dot is under the max refresh time for a 0 Ms cast (plus artifact traits)


  • Flame Shock direct damage increased by 10% (96.25% vs 87.5%) with Path of Flame. DoT damage is not increased.
  • Primal Storm Elemental causes Primal Fire Elemental to despawn. Can’t have 2 pet bar pets out at the same time?
  • Sons of Flame don’t spawn when Primal Elementalist is taken

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