Fixing Elemental

To be perfectly honest, fixing Elemental will probably require more work than there is available time for before Legion. Here’s a few things that I think would improve underlying Elemental mechanics so that there’s fewer negative issues, more options for increasing the required skill cap and reducing the need to switch talents for every boss while also trying to avoid cookie cutter builds (although a few talents will favour others).


  1. Stormkeeper to be a direct damage spell
  2. Power of the Maelstrom to effect overload capable spells
  3. Change Shamanistic Healing so it can trigger at any HP value
  4. Change Protection of the Elements to reduce Frost/Fire/Nature damage
  5. Change both Fury of the Storms and Volcanic Inferno to summon short duration fire/lightning elemental pets on fire/nature spell casts
  6. Tweak Static Overload to grant a free cast of Earthquake


L100 – Cooldown

  • Ascendance – change to be a “Maelstrom Ascendant” to do something more interesting than removing the Lava Burst cooldown
  • Icefury
  • Add a new Cooldown talent (Elemental Mastery maybe?)

L90 – AoE 

  • Magnitude – passive increase to Earthquake
  • Change Lightning Rod to increase initial CL hit & diminish damage on jumps (more primary & low target cleave damage)
  • Liquid Magma

L75 – General damage?

  • Elemental Blast
  • Ancestral Swiftness
  • Focused Elements – double bonus from Elemental Focus

L60 – Lava Burst improvements

  • Echo of the Elements – change to 3 charges, shorter cooldown but remove Lava Surge. This is so it’s okay to “save” charges for PotM/EleFocus use
  • Elemental Fusion
  • Path of Flame – Change back to Lava Burst/Flame Shock damage bonus


  • Primal Elementalist
  • Storm Elemental
  • Add a new Elemental Pet based talent


  • Earthen Rage
  • Aftershock
  • Gust of Wind


  • Totem Mastery – Doesn’t really “fit” anywhere and has the odd problem of not being fully effective until L78.


  • Remove Elemental Fury – reduces the need for tweaking in PvP
  • Make Lava Burst scale with Crit in a similar fashion to Chaos Bolt
  • Give Earth Shock a minimum damage (60-120% SP) and scale from 0-80 Maelstrom
  • Remove Maelstrom generation from Lava Burst
  • Increase Lightning Bolts maelstrom generation

Idea is to give options for players to expand skill cap by saving Lava Burst charges for use with PotM procs and/or generating more Elemental Focus charges. Also means balancing will be easier as there’s no massive variation in AoE output or stacking Fire Ele talents.


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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

3 Responses to Fixing Elemental

  1. Crescent says:

    This doesn’t seem like work that would take more than 4 months to implement ;(.

    Hope they listen to you, but they’ve been so quiet on the beta forums.

  2. Eumenis says:

    @Crescent: Yes, that’s exactly what Binkenstein wrote in the introduction (~ “completely fixing Elemental would require more than 4 months’ work, but these things could be done before launch and improve the spec, reduce the negative issues”).

    Hope dies last, but I’ll also reroll to mage.
    Eumenis – Bloodscalp EU

  3. Yurot says:

    Another thing you can add to the list (just had this idea and posted it in the german forums for some other elementals’ feedback):
    Make SK a micro management tool that rewards proper gameplay, by changing it into a channeling spell that provides a stackable buff. Each stack grands a huge amount of versatility (up to at least 5 % of more damage when you hit the stack limit), but the stacks deteriorate over time if the player drops below 50 MS for a certain time. While he can regarge the stacks with the pitchfork, proper MS management keeps the stacks and the damage bonus up, making proper gameplay more rewarding without becoming too OP.

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