List of Non-Optimal Things for Elemental

This is part FAQ, part personal note on “things for which optimization has been attempted and found lacking”.

TL;DR version: Don’t Delay Cooldowns.

  • Stormkeeper – Not worth delaying for Power of the Maelstrom procs.
  • Elemental Mastery – Not worth delaying for syncing with Ascendance


  • Elemental Focus – Not worth delaying Lava Burst casts to increase effectiveness/reduce overwriting a charge. Wasn’t optimal with the 10% T19 4pc bonus either, will need to reconfirm with the change to 15% (expect it still won’t be worth it).


  • Eye of the Twisting Nether – Trying to use Icefury for that third 2% damage bonus isn’t worth it (using PE is ~2% higher damage, and IF has a 50% uptime on the Frost buff)

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I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

7 Responses to List of Non-Optimal Things for Elemental

  1. Christian H. says:

    I knew that delaying sk for potm procs isnt worth it but how is it for lightning rod? Most of the time its permanently active on one target but i had infuriating fights where LR was not triggered after 6+ lightning bolts. Im not sure where the sweet spot is in those situations. Fu*k SK btw, still hate it, so jealous at firemage artefact ability.

    • Kishou says:

      Hello , i get this ring , it was my first legendary ! But just wanted to know if its worth to keep eqquip on me ? or i change it by an another ring ( Crit/ haste 860+ ilvl ) ?

      • binkenstein says:

        I don’t know. Try simming it.

  2. Matt Waldin says:

    I didn’t know you were a Kiwi Bink =D

    I’ve been playing a Mastery focused build and my DPS tends to be better in a raid style environment than when I focus on Crit. I’m assuming someone has tested the numbers when trying to Cap Mastery? (at 83% mastery with TM and a Mastery proc from Elemental blast you have 100% overload chance of LB/CL, and you very often get double buffs from a EB overload). Also, you ES far more often from the greatly increased Maelstrom generation, which I think is helping with the higher movement requirements in raids.

    • Marcelo says:

      Hello Matt,

      Whats your current Ilvl and could share your average dps. I already tried Crit based gear and trying haste atm. I can see an Improve but not as good as I think it could be.


  3. adrian says:

    Hey Binkeinstein, i hope u can answer fast cause im the only ele shaman of my core and i’ve seen in your build talents u have 2 diferents builds, full lavaburst mastery and the lighting build crit, i like more to spam lava bursts and somehow i feel stronget that way, so which is the dps diferences betwen both builds and if the lava burst worth using thank you

  4. shawn says:

    As for the legendary, is it worth using Elemental Blast instead of 10% haste or Echo of Elements? It can overload and give multiple 1200 stat buffs, and the extra 2% damage from legendary could be nice.

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