Elemental Talents & Rotation Complications

I’ll be cross posting this to the PTR forum for more visibility

We’re getting closer to the eventual 7.1.5 release date every day, and with the Christmas Holidays coming up there’s less and less chance that further changes will be made to the PTR. It’s with this in mind that I want to highlight a few issues for Elemental that could be resolved this patch.

Echo of the Elements

I have previously discussed why Echo having 3 charges is a good idea. I’ve also produced a spreadsheet looking at estimated Lava Burst frequencies as I suspect the reason for returning Echo & Fusion to their Live values was because there were “too many Lava Bursts”. As you can see from the graph, Echo with 3 charges on its own only changes the initial cast count from 2 to 3, whereas Fusion & Path of Flame have a much larger impact on cast counts.

Adding Too Much To The Rotation

Currently it sounds like a build combining Icefury and Elemental Blast is the “best” build, but this raises the question of whether a rotation can be “too complicated”. This is a rough outline of the IF/EB rotation

  1. Flame Shock if Maelstrom >=20, you have Elemental Focus, & Flame Shock has <= 9 sec left
  2. Fire Elemental
  3. Elemental Blast
  4. Earth Shock if Maelstrom is >= 92
  5. Icefury if Maelstrom <= 76
  6. Frost Shock if empowered by Icefury and boosted by Elemental Focus.
  7. Lava Burst if 2 charges and Maelstrom <= 88
  8. Frost Shock with Icefury stacks
  9. Lava Burst
  10. Stormkeeper + Lightning Bolt
  11. Earth Shock if Maelstrom is >= 86
  12. Lightning Bolt

This involves 8 buttons in total (9 if counting Fire Elemental) rather than the usual 5 and it still allows people to take Echo & Fusion for an increase in Lava Burst casts. The end result is that Lightning Bolt will be used much less frequently, ultimately devaluing things like Power of the Maelstrom, Stormkeeper or the Tier 19 2 piece bonus.

Echo & Fusion combined result in ~23 seconds every minute spent casting Lava Burst. Add IF & EB and that goes up to 40 seconds, leaving just 20 seconds for Lightning Bolt, Flame Shock and Earth Shock.

One More Re-arrange

Some of these issues could be solved by re-arranging talents again. Pairing Elemental Blast and Icefury on the same tier would reduce that synergy & additional rotation complexity, while pairing Echo of the Elements & Elemental Fusion on the same row would help keep the Lava Burst count down while allowing for buffs to either.


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One Response to Elemental Talents & Rotation Complications

  1. Rythgar says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this, as a Mythic raider I find myself at odds when comparing this to the Ascendance build. Mostly because it leaves me wondering if my future play style will be a frustrating experience trying to execute a bloated rotation while avoiding raid mechanics for a minor dps gain compared to the latter.

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