Talent Interaction Analysis

I’ve had this sitting in my goggle docs for a while but have only now bothered to write a post about it. As part of my on-going series of posts about using spreadsheets to set up & analyse SimulationCraft results I’ve made a “pairwise talent analysis” sheet.

Click Me.

Unlike my other sheets this requires a bit of user configuration before using. Going onto the SimSetup tab you can see cells in green & yellow. Green is my standard “you can change stuff here” colour, while yellow is the “copy this stuff into SimCraft” format.

  1. Select your data source (either an armory profile or a default simcraft profile) and enter corresponding values for either/both.
  2. Indicate which talent rows need to be considered in the analysis. By default it’s set up for Arcane Mages, so levels 30 & 75 are set to “No” as these are utility talents.
  3. Change the two character abbreviations for each talent level, which will be used for generating the result names.
  4. Copy the yellow cells (or the whole of column O) into SimulationCraft
  5. Start simulation and then go do something else for a while.
  6. Copy result headers into A2 on the Raw Data tab. See following image for example, and use the “Paste Special – Paste Values Only” option.
    simcraft result headers small
  7. Go onto the Analysis tab and it’ll show you something like this:
    Arcane talent pair results

So now you can see the single talent results in that diagonal line of green cells where the row & column labels are for the same talent. The top right half of the table shows the gain or loss from the talent combo sim less the individual results for each talent. I’ve set up conditional formatting so if the difference is greater than 1% of the default DPS it is highlighted with a different green. So for example if you look at L45 RP (Rune of Power) vs L100 OP (Overpowered) you can see there is a 6,145 DPS increase as a combination of these two talents, which makes sense as these are two damage bonus cooldown talents. Combining Overpowered with something like Nether Tempest (L90 NT) results in a -2071 DPS change (ie: a decrease) when combined with Overpowered, which is most likely due to NT not having a large mana cost & OP having a reduced mana cost function.

Hopefully others will take this, refine it, and apply it to their chosen specs.


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