Plotting Stat Interactions

This is another way to look at the “X was my best stat so I added more of it, but that made Y my best stat so I re-did my gear and now X is my best stat again” loops that arise from people using stat weights incorrectly. The idea is to show how the stat weights of Crit, Haste and Mastery change relative to a minimum to 99% range for each stat.

The Setup

If you’ve read previous posts of mine the set up process is fairly similar: set up a concatenate statement to generate multiple sims with different configurations/names for pasting into the SimCraft GUI or “master” profile, simulate, then copy/paste results into another sheet to be converted into numbers for graphing.

The spreadsheet can be found here.

My initial sims are being run within the GUI so I don’t have an estimate of how long it takes, but I’ve skipped Versatility in this situation as we can be fairly certain that it will have a linear effect on the other secondaries. Intellect (or whatever your primary stat is) is also excluded for similar reasons.

The Results

Ele Stat weights vs Crit

The first run was for Elemental Shaman using Crit with 7.1.5. As you can see, both Haste and Mastery have a very linear increase, while Crit has zero change until hitting 81% where it takes a sharp nose dive. Elemental Blast can grant a 6% Crit buff (2400 rating) which means that the likely result of that decrease is a combination of an upper boundary on the Elemental Focus bonus and the auto-crit function of Lava Burst. In general the flat line for Crit and the linear increases for Haste & Mastery are what you would expect to see when looking at something like this.

Ele stat weights vs haste

Haste, on the other hand, is a little different. You can see the linear increases for Crit & Mastery, but the value of Haste decreases as additional haste is added as well as varying a bit more from a straight linear trendline. Decreases like this are due to “negative feedback loops” where more of something reduces the value of it.

As for that increase between 38% and 51% (from 11.68 to 14.15) the change is fairly small in the overall scheme of things, will not affect overall gearing strategies, and is most likely due to getting an extra cast in within certain buff windows. Given the unpredictable nature of procs for Elemental the gain is low and spread out over a 13% range.

A Mastery run is planned sometime Soon(TM) and will be updated into this post when completed.

The Conclusion

As with the Stat Targets post from last week these graphs indicate yet again that there are no minimum targets, breakpoints, or any other mechanic interactions that require thinking about specific quantities of any secondary stat. The graphs above show that the reason why X > Y priorities can flip to be Y > X after changing some items around is because of the positive effect on other stats combined with a neutral or negative effect on itself.


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