Stat Weight Plots Mark II

I wrote a small thing recently on Stat Weight Plots and have now expanded this into something that others can run with minimal configuration and lots of CPU power. For reference, running a 4 stat Crit Plot for Arcane Mages took roughly 3 hours using 7 threads on my i7-6700 so you either need a similarly powerful CPU or lots of time.

Step One: Setup


On the Intro tab you can change fields coloured green, as these will alter the sim configuration, weights generated and rating used per step for Mastery. That last bit is important to get correct, as I’m using the base value there to work out the amount of Mastery Rating per 1%. For example, Elemental Overload for Elemental Shaman has a base 12%, which means for every 267 rating the player gets another 1% overload chance.

Step Two: Create Files

Go onto the Sim Setup tab and copy one of the yellow columns either into a text file with a .simc file extension, or just into the SimC GUI. If you use the text file you can launch that via command line or with a batch file.

Step Three: Wait.

This is going to take a while, so do something else that doesn’t require using your computer.

Step Four: Copying Results

Once the simulation is completed you’ll need to copy the stat weights from the DPS Scale Factors section of the & into the corresponding “Data” tab. Highlight from the word “profile” down to the last wowhead link.

DPS Scale factor example

As with other analysis spreadsheets I’ll grab this information, convert it to something easier to graph & feed that into prebuilt charts like the following. Note that you may need to add/alter trend lines to better fit the results you return.Stat weight plot chart crit

In this case I’ve added linear trend lines to Haste, Mastery and Versatility to confirm that they are linear, but not to Crit as a trend line there would be a bit misleading. From this chart we can see there’s a very flat & linear effect on the other stats for Arcane Mages, and crit has no interaction with itself until the 80% mark where it halves, remains static from 84-92%, then zeroes out completely. This is because there are artifact traits giving both global and spell specific crit chance.

There are also some interesting third power polynomial relationships between Haste and Mastery, as well as negative feedback loops on both which we’d ordinarily just expect to see with Haste. Currently the only conclusion I’d make on this is that there will be a complicated relationship between how much of either you should have.

The spreadsheet itself can be found here.


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