Weak Aura Design Part Two

In a previous post I looked at design philosophies, and how I set up the core of my weak aura sets with key resource information. This time around I’ll run through the way I approach the HUD section of my sets.

Blood DK HUD 1

My approach to the HUD design is to identify a small set of important spells & abilities that I need to pay attention to. For Arcane it’s about Arcane Missile charges & remaining time, but for Blood I picked five abilities that I’d need to track.

The first one is Death & Decay, which should be cast whenever it’s available. I used the old Blood Boil aura texture at the top for this.

On the left there are two textures for rune spending abilities. The image above shows Heart Strike using the Bandit’s Guile texture, which will only trigger if Bone Shield is up, over 5 charges and the obvious one where Heart Strike needs to be usable. Marrowrend is in the image below using Surge of Darkness, triggering via a custom function where Marrowrend is usable and Bone Shield is either missing, at or under 5 charges, or has 5 or fewer seconds remaining. These two are set up so either one or the other will trigger at any one time.

Blood DK HUD 2

On the right I’ve set up Death Strike (using the Tooth & Claw texture in the top image) and Blood Boil (using Predatory Swiftness). There are similar conditions to the left set, so neither will trigger at the same time. Death Strike triggers if at or over 95 runic power or you’re under 90% HP and Death Strike is usable. Blood Boil triggers if under 80 RP, over 90% HP and it’s usable.

The idea with all of this is to make sure I know when I need to use important abilities without taking my focus off what I’m currently doing



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