Re-roll tips for Elemental players

Are you considering re-rolling to another class for 8.0: Battle for Azeroth? Here are some tips based on my experience with other classes/specs if you’re not sure what class/spec to switch to. Note that hybrid classes only have one spec for ranged DPS

Pure DPS Specs


I don’t have much experience with Hunters. Marksman from what I’ve played so far is a fairly proc/twitchy spec, probably on the same level as Fire. Beast Mastery is apparently less like this, and Survival is a melee spec.


  • Arcane focuses a lot on resource management with few procs. Not currently considered a competitive spec in BfA
  • Frost is a proc based spec with some spell combo chains ie: follow a BF Flurry with Ice Lance. Proc frequency feels a bit lower than Lava Surge, but there are two different procs and some methods to reliably generate them.
  • Fire is a heavily proc based spec, specifically tied to crits. Very reactionary/twitchy.


  • Affliction is a heavy dot based spec. Has two regular dots vs one for Elemental, with a third as the resource spender. AoE is target based rather than area based.
  • Destruction is similar to Elemental. Resource generator & spends via a heavy hitting auto crit spell that has a crit chance -> damage bonus effect. Added bonus: you build up to a spectacular spender
  • Demonology I’m unsure of as I haven’t looked at it much



  • Balance is another resource generator & spender, using starsurge to generate damage buffs for Lunar Strike/Solar Wrath (similar to how Master of the Elements works)


  • Shadow is a dot based spec with resource generation/spend cycles via insanity/Void Form. Not currently considered a competitive spec in Bf

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2 Responses to Re-roll tips for Elemental players

  1. Marcelo says:

    Paladin is Hybrid too

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