Elemental Disharmony – When a Rotation is Broken

Leaving utility spells/mechanics aside, the biggest problem for Elemental in terms of competitiveness is how single target damage output is (usually) lower than other specs. The core issue there is that there are four subsets of spells based on their secondary interactions:

  • Overload spells: Affected by Crit/Haste/Mastery in the same way (ie: Lighting Bolt)
  • Non-Overload spells: Affected by Crit/Haste in the same way, no Mastery interaction (ie: Earth Shock)
  • Lava Burst: Affected by Haste/Mastery, no Crit interaction
  • Double Haste Interaction: The DPET (damage per execute time) increases as the GCD decreases and the number of hits per cast increases as an additional haste interaction. Not modified by Mastery. Eg: Flame Shock, Fire Elemental
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