My Experiences with WoW Feedback

Back in 2013 there was a private feedback forum in the WoW forums, which is where a small group of players across PvE/PvP were able to give feedback directly to developers. This included current issues with the game, from bugs to spec design, as well as responding on topics that the wider community had yet to see like set bonuses.

This was put in place by Ghostcrawler, but over the years after his departure the forum became poorly maintained, with many players remaining from its creation who had long since stopped playing and attempts to get new experts added in their place was a frustrating endeavor. Recently there were some attempts to get it going again, but after the switch to the new forum system it was not re-created & we found out mostly from back-channels that there was no intention to re-create it.

There was a significant amount of feedback & theorycraft work posted to this forum over the years, with over 10 pages worth of replies to individual threads for individual classes for each major patch version. As an example, during the Warlords of Draenor alpha/beta there was a thread to gather ideas for replacement mastery bonuses for Elemental & at least one Hunter spec. My suggestion was even briefly implemented, based on the capacitor trinket mechanic, before being replaced with the very underwhelming Molten Earth effect.

There was more to the forum than what I’ve outlined here, like how we’d make joke names for new threads (including “You’ve Got Maelstrom” for Shaman one time), arguments about ability pruning & so forth.

Any remaining feedback to the dev team now goes via personal contacts if you have them, or via public means like the recent r/wow class threads. There was a project that Ythisens was working on, which involved getting 3 questions for each spec from the class Discord servers that would be passed on to the devs for their responses, hopefully turning into public posts. We have no idea whether this will go ahead now.

One of my biggest disappointments with WoW development over recent years has been that the knowledge, experience & expertise from many of us was never tapped into. Had this happened maybe I would keep playing the game, and more importantly have stayed with Elemental for which I’ve put a lot of effort & time towards for a good 10-12 years.


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One Response to My Experiences with WoW Feedback

  1. Marathal says:

    I had completely forgotten about that forum. I remember hearing about it way back when it was talked about. Always wondered what was discussed. I have to wonder if the way the game has developed in these recent years was a result of them listening to experts in their classes, and the theory crafter’s, or from them just ignoring the advice and only fixing what seemed to be me powerful than what was intended. There have been times that I wished they would create a limited forum for Guild Leaders to discuss issues relating to the design of the guild interface.

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