Legion Beta Spell Data

Initial stuff, horribly messy.

  • Bloodlust debuff lasts until cancelled, probably end of the fight.
  • Hex has a 30 second cooldown, but still has a 30 yard range
  • Lightning Shield is gone
  • Searing Totem is gone
  • Tremor/Grounding/Capacitor gone too
  • Totemic Fury (talent?): Summons 3 totems, all attack your target. Earth increases Earth Shock damage by 50%, Fire increase Lava Burst crit chance by 100%, Lightning reduces cast time of Lightning Bolt by 50%
  • LB/LvB generate 15 maelstrom, Chain lightning generates 6. It says “damage from” so assume per hit.
  • Lightning Surge Totem: replacement Capacitor
  • Gust of Wind – hurls you forward. Assume Enh only
  • Fleet of Foot – for 6 seconds after level Ghost Wolf you move 20% faster (Elemental)
  • Wind Rush – increases movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds
  • Liquid Magma is now  Totem with a 1 min CD.
  • Elemental Fusion – increases lava surge chance by 10%
  • Storm Elemental looks the same
  • Frost Shock uses maelstrom, slows target by 50% for 5-10 seconds based on maelstrom spent
  • Voodoo Totem (Talent) – hexes all enemies within X yards for Y. Enemies can only be hexed once. Replaces Hex.
  • Songs of Flame (75 Talent) Greater Fire Elemental is joined by 2 Sonds of Flame who attack your target
  • Lightning Rod – 1 min CD (Elemental). Nature spells deal 20% more damage to the target and also deal 500 damage to enemies within 20 yards
  • Magnitude (75 Talent) any time a target is standing in Earthquake with Flame Shock gouts of Magma will erupt at their feet dealing extra damage
  • Fire Elemental is a 5 min CD, lasts “until cancelled” and causes Maelstrom generation to be increased by 100% for 15 seconds after casting.
  • Earth Elemental is a 2 min CD, reduces damage taken by 30% for 15 sec (auto cast or active?)
  • Path of Flame (15 Talent) increases Flame Shock & Lava Burst damage by 10%
  • Path of Elements (15 talent) cooldown on summoned Elementals is reduced by 60 seconds.
  • Echo of the Elements grants 3(!!!) charges for Lava Burst
  • Ascendance lasts for 1 minute? (Bad data?)
  • Earthquake is now “Earthquake Totem” and is instant
  • Molten Earth also shows up in here so data may be weird.
  • Spiritwalkers Grace is Resto only


A Maelstrom of a Problem

As you may have seen, there’s a blog post on upcoming Legion changes for Shaman. The big problem I see with this is that Maelstrom generation will be too high, and rotation priorities will end up causing conflicts between strong spells.

Building Up A Storm

Maelstrom is the replacement for Lightning Shield charges. You gain 15 on every Lightning Bolt or Lava Burst cast, and gain 75% of normal Maelstrom generation for each Overload that occurs. This means that without any Overloads it takes 100/15 = 6.67 casts to reach 100 Maelstrom. With a 100% Overload rate this drops down to 3.81 casts.

As a comparison, in Warlords with 50% Multistrike it takes roughly 9.5 casts to max out Lightning Shield. In Legion with the proposed changes it will take around 4.85 casts, almost doubling the frequency of Earth Shock casts. If we then add other things into the mix for Maelstrom generation, like the Maelstrom Totem talent (although this appears more of an AoE talent) it means Earth Shock will be a much higher use of time than Lava Burst, which seems like it will feel very weird.

An example of this problem was Elemental Blast. I enjoyed using it, even if it was slightly sub-optimal in Mists, but with the additional Lightning Shield generation sources in Warlords it felt a bit awkward using it as both Earth Shock and Lava Burst would cause its used to be delayed most of the time.

A Shocking Conflict

A further problem with what I think the rotation will look like is that Earth Shock uses 10 to 100 Maelstrom and deals “massive Nature damage”, whereas Lava Burst causes “strong Fire damage” with a bonus 50% damage if Flame Shock is on the target. This will be similar to the current Warlords rotation, where a “max stack” Earth Shock deals more damage than Lava Burst, which can cause problems during Ascendance when combined with the T18 2pc bonus (chance to not trigger shock CD & refund all LS charges used).

The issue here is that Lava Burst is normally our big damage ability, but with generating Maelstrom off Lava Burst and the massive damaged caused by Earth Shock we will most likely end up delaying Lava Burst in favour of Earth Shock on a frequent basis. The end result of this will be a continuation of the counter-intuitive early use of Earth Shock so that we avoid Lava Surge conflicts and capping.

The Mists model for this was a lot simpler, where only Lightning Bolt (and Chain Lightning) generated Lightning Shield charges, so if you were just short of max charges and had Lava Burst come up you could use Lava Burst first and then Earth.

Variable Overload

In Legion we say goodbye to Molten Earth, and instead see the return of Overload. While this is a good change, we simply seem to have Overload back in its old state without any sort of change or update. While there are a few chance based Masteries they are mostly “chance to reset” like Hunting Companion for Survival (grant additional Mongoose Bite charge) or Enhancement’s Enhanced Elements which increases the chance of Windfury/Stormfury procs. Previous chance based masteries, like the old one for Arms Warriors (chance to proc a second melee attack), have virtually all been removed by now, with the only active one that I know of being Combat Rogues (their blog post has yet to be released).

So what’s the problem with this? Leaving aside the Maelstrom generation issue, a variable chance Mastery means that Elemental will have hard 100% caps for all three secondary stats, and while Crit & Haste will likely never get to that point, our Overload chance has traditionally been much higher. Back in Mists when we last has Overload as our Mastery we were approaching 80-90% Overload chances mid way through the expansion, which we could partially get around with reforging, but in Legion I think we’ll be more restricted in our stat availability.

Part of the issue is that Overload is a cool visual part of the Elemental identity, so having frequent procs is a cool thing. The downside is that when you don’t get many procs, it feels really bad. This is especially true when big cooldowns are up like Ascendance, and with the removal of Lava Bursts auto-crit function having low Crit & Overload sequences will further increase that feeling.

What To Do?

  1. Remove Maelstrom generation from Lava Burst (and don’t generate it off any talent based spells)
  2. Reduce the Maelstrom generation from Lightning Bolt (10-12 is probably better)
  3. Remove Maelstrom generation from Overload hits
  4. Change Overload to a fixed high chance to proc (80-100%) and make the damage a mastery percentage of the original spell

This will slow down Maelstrom generation, giving space for increasing it via talents or adding additional spells like Elemental Blast into the rotation. We could also delay casting Earth Shock when Lava Burst is up, and reduce Earth Shock frequency from once every 8-10 seconds into the 12-15 second range, which will make it a bit more manageable. Lastly, tweaking Overload would reduce/remove the negative effects of having a second variable chance stat on performance.

Plans for Legion

Thinking forward, because I always do this, I’ve decided I’m going to try doing a little less when it comes to Theorycrafting work. I’ll still be doing SimCraft APL & profile updates, testing, theorycrafting, etc, as well as working on the guide, but I think when it comes to raid & dungeon boss notes or gear lists I will pass the torch on that to someone else, so to speak.

I think there’s space in the community for multiple people to be doing different things, or even having overlaps, and a number of people have pointed out that my consistent “lack of progression” means that I don’t have direct experience of bleeding edge content to provide notes for, which is a valid point. It also means I’ll be able to spend more time on actual mathy stuff, or have more spare time.

This all assumes that I’m staying Elemental, as I’m open to the possibility of changing class depending on how the spec changes as Legion development continues, or maybe even quitting the game (again). If I do change it’ll be to another caster, either Balance Druid, Mage or Warlock. We’ll see how it goes.

My 6.2 Elemental Weak Auras

Yes, I know I’ve been a bit slack lately with this, but I have my Weak Auras mostly finished. There are a few tweaks I want to make, but they can wait. One word of warning for non-English users: everything uses spell names rather than spell IDs at this stage. If I get some time I’ll try converting it over to IDs where possible.

Important! There is now a flashy lightning “animation” over the center bar. This is the extra ES 20 warning, and is two copies of a custom texture extracted from the game & fixed up by Steven Eson. You need to download this and put it into a ICONS folder in your World of Warcraft\Interface directory (eg: G:\World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS).

For a video preview/explanation of the auras, I now have a handy video for it

To the left & right are my standard Lava Burst auras, and in the middle are some reminders for Lightning Shield, Searing Totem, and Augment Rune.

The fun stuff is the section at the bottom. Starting on the left we have a Flame Shock icon. This will show when Flame Shock is on the target, with a green border when under 9 seconds remaining (if you have Core of the Primal Elements I’d recommend changing this to your FS duration * 0.3) and now with new functionality the Unleash Flame or Elemental Fusion icons will show if one or both were used on the current Flame Shock cast, thanks to LUA work from Pawkets. It won’t show if you have 1 or 2 Fusion charges applied, but it’ll be a good indicator of when you can refresh early.

The icon under Flame Shock on the left is Earthquake, and will show either the Echo charge refresh or the cooldown, along with Enhanced Chain Lightning as the border glow effect (ie: it’s buffed & instant cast).

The central bar that goes blue -> yellow -> green -> red is my Lightning Shield tracker. Green is the ideal cast range, as is yellow if you have T17 4pc otherwise it’s the “get ready” area. Red indicates you’re capped out, and I’ve added a lightning bar behind it for this as well to make it more apparent (if I can trim the bars at each end of the texture I’ll put a better version of this in). Lastly, the background shows the shock cooldown as a red bar.

On the right we have a Lava Burst cooldown timer, with the Ascendance timer underneath it. The outer right icons are a Fire Totem tracker (the question mark) and a Fire Elemental tracker. The Legendary Ring tracker is to the left of Ascendance (and glows when it’s up). The icons in the middle from left to right are: Astral Shift/Stone Bulwark Totem, Shamanistic Rage, L100 tracker (Storm Elemental, Liquid Magma, Elemental Fusion charges), Unleash Flame, L60 tracker (Elemental Mastery & Ancestral Swiftness) & Spiritwalker’s Grace.

As an added bonus there is now a “mini totem tracker” which dynamically displays cooldowns for all those other totems you have. Includes: Capacitor, Earthbind/Earthgrab, Grounding, Healing Stream, Tremor, Windwalk.

Lava Burst: http://pastebin.com/G75k7G3j
Reminders: http://pastebin.com/ALQVriM8
Primary Cooldowns: http://pastebin.com/tHNFfzKy
Talents: http://pastebin.com/94EwSseN
Lightning Shield & Earth Shock: http://pastebin.com/eHuCcivq
Totem Group: http://pastebin.com/Lu675i2w

Why so many links? Turns out loading many hundreds of Kb of WA strings disconnects some people, so I have to split some of the groups up.

Bink’s Suggested Changes For Elemental

The Change List

  1. Move Unleash Flame into Unleashed Fury
  2. Remove Lava Surge
  3. Give Lava Burst charges by default (3)
  4. Give Shocks 2 charges
  5. Earth Shock doesn’t consume charges if used with zero Lightning Shield charges up
  6. Molten Earth becomes a spell cast proc, dealing X% of the damage of the spell (like the MoP Overload, but with the change/damage stuff reversed)
  7. Chain Lightning target count is 5 baseline, remove the glyph
  8. Earthquake is instant cast by default, high damage to start and then reduces as the effect expires
  9. Lightning Shield charges are only generated from Nature spells (Chain Lightning, Elemental Blast & Lightning Bolt)
  10. Reduce the bonus to Lava Burst from Flame Shock to 20%, increase Lava Burst damage by 25% to compensate
  11. Remove Searing Totem
  12. Change Elemental pet totems to be 30 sec/3 min CD pets
  13. Revert Shamanistic Rage to Enhancement only

The Reasons

Single Target

The idea here is not to change much, because the rotation mostly works as is. Removing Lava Burst as a source of Lightning Shield charges removes that awkward ES20 during Ascendance situation, which is exacerbated at the moment via T18 2pc.

The removal of Lava Surge is to allow more changes for mobile DPS, but also to make Lava Burst more of a managed resource than a “hit button now” ability. This will also make Elemental Fusion a bit more engaging as we’ll be able to directly manage it. The charge refresh rate for Lava Burst could be reduced from 8 to 6-7 seconds to balance out the Surge removal too.

Changing Molten Earth to be a direct spell proc rather than a “ranged auto attack” means that it’s a direct % increase to virtually all spells, and will scale reasonably well with all other stats rather than being something we want to avoid. It would trigger from all direct damage casts, and also increase Earthquake damage by the same percentage. The only things it wouldn’t trigger from would be Flame Shock ticks, Fulmination procs and Chain Lighting secondary hits. It would also repeat crits & multistrikes without having its own change to independently generate these.

Target Switching

With 2 shock charges you can decide how to use them. Should a priority target come up it’ll allow us to go FS -> LvB -> ES15 if we so wish. Reducing the bonus Lava Burst damage off Flame Shock also means that it’s not quite optimal to use Lava Burst without Flame Shock on the target, rather than being very un-optimal, while still leaving some spell interaction there.

AoE & Cleave

We’re mostly fine here, although I’d remove Echo so that Earthquake wasn’t quite so abusable, but change the damage mechanic so it hit hard at the start & decreases over time in a similar manner to Execution Sentence. The CL glyph would be removed mostly because it’s good sometimes and bad in others. CL jump range would be increased a bit so that it’s easier to cleave.


Here’s where the big changes are. First off, Molten Earth is now a proc directly off casts, not a ranged “auto attack”. To fill the void, Earth Shock won’t consume charges if it doesn’t trigger Fulmination, so there is an easy to use mobile filler to use. This would return some of the “difficulty factor” back to Shock management, but only in the case where if you need to move without SWG you’ll need to be prepared & manage shock charges for it.


There are many changes needed here, but I’ll only cover some of the tiers.

L45: Make Totemic Projection a component of totems that require it, otherwise remove all three talents. In their place have 3 centered around Ghost Wolf: One makes it twice as fast but on a short duration/cooldown to effectively cover the same distance on average, second allows instant cast spells (not weapon based abilities) while in Ghost Wolf, third is a low level movement speed passive.

L60/90/100: Re-arrange & remove some of these.

  • Cooldowns: Elemental Mastery, Primal Elementalist, Storm Elemental
  • Rotation Changes: Elemental Blast, Elemental Fusion
  • Passive Enhancements: Ancestral Swiftness (maybe put this as the passive/easy option for Rotation Changes?)
  • Remove: Echo of the Elements, Liquid Magma

This would make some of the choices less definitive, and allow some basic assumptions to be made.

Rotation Changes: Elemental Blast would be changed to be the same damage/effects as Lightning Bolt with 2 charges. The primary reason for the spell would be the buff it generates, but as the buff would last for 10 seconds and charges would refresh every 15, you’d only be able to keep it up for ~2/3rds of the time. Acts as a heal/healing buff for Restoration. It’s kind of merging the behaviour of Elemental Blast & Unleashed Fury together, but since Unleash Flame is being removed keeping Unleashed Fury doesn’t quite make sense.

Having this on the same level as Elemental Fusion also makes sense, as with the changes to Lava Burst you’ll be adjusting your rotation somehow to account for it.

Cooldowns: Making EM, PE & SE all part of the same level means you either get a short self buff, a better pet cooldown, or a second pet cooldown. Would also remove the need for utility interaction between PE & SE as you won’t be able to have both at once (and tbh, Primal Storm Elemental has virtually no advantages & some potential downsides).


I’d argue that most totems need to go, and some of the abilities converted to being centred around the player.

Remaining as totems: Capacitor, Earthbind
Converted to self abilities: Stone Bulwark, Grounding
Removed: Healing Stream, Tremor

With the new “self ability” versions, Stone Bulwark would just be a self buff that generates shields in a similar manner to how it works now, but hopefully in a way that scales properly as other shields do. Grounding, on the other hand, would allow you to redirect a spell to yourself (or act as a spell reflect with a major glyph), which you could combine with Stoneskin (one of the new abilities mentioned below) to absorb/immune rather than taking the damage.

New Stuff

Stoneskin: completely absorbs damaging attacks, but breaks after taking X damage. Assuming immunity type abilities remain, like Ice Block, this will be the Elemental answer. Can absorb one massive hit, or lots of little ones before breaking. The cooldown would be a bit longer than Shamanistic Rage, perhaps 2-3 minutes, with a 10-15 second duration. It won’t be able to prevent you from being debuffed or completely nullify damaging abilities like other abilities can, so the cooldown can be a little lower without being too overpowered.

Earthen Grasp: Replacing Hex, this would be a molten hand that rises from the ground, grasping the target and acting as a CC. It’d be in a similar category to Polymorph for PvP purposes, and be able to affect any enemy type in PvP. No cooldown, breaks when taking damage, only one target at a time. The idea here is to add more “earthy” stuff in (while removing voodoo/spirit stuff that doesn’t quite fit the Elemental theme) while also making Elemental CC a bit more practical for PvE.

In Closing

There are areas I haven’t covered, like the L15/30/75 talents, mostly because I’m not entirely sure what to change there, if anything needs changing. I’d say that L75 needs to be completely removed, or the talents mixed into other levels so that you have a choice between throughput or a bit of off-healing, but balancing that may be moderately impossible.

In general I don’t think Elemental needs a massive overhaul, but rather just a few tweaks to make what we currently have better, while retaining most of the challenging factors in the rotation.

Also posted to the US forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18300115836#1

Primary Target Focus for Lava Burst

More words will go here later, but if you’re following me on twitter you’ll have seen my thought about using focus macros to get Lava Burst into a Flame Shocked target, while casting Lightning Bolt & Earth Shock on secondary targets.

Flame Shock Macro

/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus,exists,nodead] Flame Shock

Sets a focus if it doesn’t exist, and then casts Flame Shock on that target.

Lava Burst Macro

#showtooltip Lava Burst
/use [@focus,exists,nodead][] Lava Burst

Casts Lava Burst on your Focus target, or whatever target you have if you don’t have a focus.

One other macro should say /clearfocus to well, clear your focus target.

Obviously you’ll need two Flame Shock buttons, one for normal dotting and one for focus targetting (which still lets you use any focus Wind Shear/Purge/Hex macros should you have them).

Elemental 6.2 Patch Update


I’m still refining a few things, mostly around profile generation for SimCraft. I’ll try to keep all the profiles included in a post here as well as putting some more “guide” type stuff, but there may be a few issues to iron out. I’ll get to that once I finish doing 6.2 update stuff.

IRC: We have a Shaman IRC on irc.coldfront.net called #earthshrine

Guides: I have two guide locations at the moment.

My Personal Wowhead guide is the one I’d recommend in most cases, as I’m aiming to put as much detail in there as possible.


  • L60: Elemental Mastery only beats out Echo of the Elements if your legendary ring use is every 2 minutes and delays do not result in losing a use of EM. Otherwise, go with whichever L60 talent you prefer (I’m sticking with Echo).
  • L90: Unleashed Fury is still slightly better than Primal Elementalist on Patchwerk results, but when you go to Heavy Movement sims they’re practically equal.
  • L100: Elemental Fusion wins hands down if you have Core of the Primal Elements (the class trinket from Archimonde). More on that later.


Multistrike is still first, with Haste & Crit roughly second equal (depending on your talents one will be slightly better than the other). Versatility is fourth, and Mastery is a distant fifth, with a value of 60% of Multistrike or less. For items, in most cases Multistrike wins over Item Level, unless the Multistrike item has Mastery and the higher item has Crit/Haste. Example stat weights will be updated over the weekend.


Core of the Primal Elements extends your Flame Shock by large amounts. This should be your primary single target & multidot trinket. You’ll want to have a Normal version of this over any Heroic trinkets (possibly Mythic too, need to reconfirm this). When recasting Flame Shock, if you have 2 Elemental Fusion charges and the Unleash Flame buff up you can recast it up to 78% of the base duration, or 100% if you’re using Unleashed Fury. This is to make sure that you have a fully buffed dot up at all times. The damage math works like this: 1.00 * (1 + 1.50) * (1 + 0.4) * (1 + 0.4 * 2) =  630% of the base damage with a Normal trinket. Mythic will have up to 756%

Remaining trinkets Unblinking Gaze > Prophecy of Fear > Iron Reaver Piston. Generally, Heroic HFC trinkets will beat Mythic BRF foundry trinkets.

Set Bonuses

Transition from T17: wait until you can get T18 2pc before dropping T17 4pc. Same with T18 4pc/T17 2pc.

T18 2pc: Don’t change your rotation priorities. ES20 trumps everything, but if you use ES15 & it procs just before Lava Burst comes off cooldown, cast Lava Burst and then go back to Earth Shock.

T18 4pc: Don’t change your rotation priorities here either. You’ll naturally maintain a high buff uptime, and there’s no point in trying to “game” this.

Gear Stuff

If you need to work out what items are best for you, try this handy item spreadsheet for both Elemental & Enhancement (produced in conjunction with wordup)

Boss Notes for Hellfire Citadel

I’m slowly making my own, but for a full list check out Gistwiki’s 6.2 FAQ


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