(I need a) Heroes: Falstad

So as you may or may not be aware, I have access to the Heroes of the Storm Alpha. It’s actually quite fun, and that’s coming from someone who found DotA/LoL complicated. I’m up to level 15, although that doesn’t matter too much in the overall scheme of things.

I’ve been playing Falstad a lot, so I figured I would run through the particular setup I have. It’s more of a hit & run type build as opposed to something a bit more tanky, but it works quite well. As there’s no real “talent calculator” out there yet, this is all going to be written down (whoo!).

Your basic abilities are Hammerrang (62 + 12 damage per level to enemies in a line, slowing them by 25% for 2 sec, and returns after being thrown), Thunderstorm (Passively hits for 52 + 12 dpl to a random nearby enemy every 8 seconds. Activation deals damage to up to 4 nearby enemies, with a 25% reduction per hit if hitting the same target multiple times) and Barrel Roll (dash movement, with a 90 + 12 pl shield for 2 seconds). The Heroic abilities are Aerial Blitzkrieg (deals 177 + 12 dpl to all near enemies, stunning for 1.5 sec) and Shock & Awe (311 + 31 dpl to enemies in a line).

Level 1: Take Path of the Assassin (+2 damage per level). The Barrel Roll improvements could be useful for a more tanky build, and Bribe only works on individual Mercs, not the whole camp (meaning you need 40 stacks for the Siege Ogres or for half of a Knight camp)
Level 4: Take Zap! (Thunderstorm’s passive cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds, from 8 to 6). If you don’t have Heroic Talents yet, level more… I mean take Vampiric Assault. It only works on auto-attacks, so it’s a very low regen method and not usually worth it vs other heroes.
Level 7: Take either First Aid, Battle Momentum or Fly Away. First Aid is handy for staying alive, although it’s a long cooldown and low return. Battle Momentum is handy to get more use out of your ability cooldowns, however it also means you run out of Mana faster. Lastly, Fly Away is handy for doubling your ability to jump all over the map, which can be very handy on all maps.
Level 10: I prefer Shock and Awe for the ranged damage component. Aerial Blitzkrieg is more useful for a tanky close combat role.
Level 13: Giant Killer or Lightning Storm. Giant Killer improves your basic attacks vs other Heroes, whereas Lightning Storm causes Thunderstorm to attack 2 targets with the passive hit (which is now a 250% increase over the base passive if you took Zap! earlier)
Level 16: Gust of Wind, Afterburner, Rewind & Stoneskin are all decent choices, depending on what you want to do. Gust of Wind makes Tailwind kick in after 3 seconds rather than 6 & Afterburner gives you a 3 second 100% speed boost, both of which can be handy for getting away from foes or chasing one down. Stoneskin is a standard 30% hp shield for 5 seconds with a 60 sec cooldown, which is handy to reduce the damage you’re taking. Finally, Rewind reduces your basic ability cooldowns by 10 seconds, effectively allowing you to use Hammerrang, Thunderstorm and Barrel Roll twice in quick succession.
Level 20: Fury of the Storm or Blast of Awe. Fury gives your basic attacks an extra “bounce” to two additional targets at 50% damage, while Blast of Awe doubles the Shock & Awe range and boosts damage by 25%. I haven’t tried Bolt of the Storm on any characters that can get it, but the extra mobility probably isn’t needed with what Falstad already has.

This focuses the damage output around Thunderstorms passive hits which still hit while moving, meaning you get some extra damage out to foes while running after (or away) from them. Hammerrang is handy, but save it for heavy density fighting for maximum damage (and to stop running out of mana when you use Thunderstorm on cooldown). Barrel Roll is your “get out of stuff” move, but while it doesn’t work against roots it’s awesome for getting away from Nazeebo’s Zombie Wall or other barrier spells. Taking Shock & Awe means you stay at range rather than getting in close with melee assassins and warriors, and the trick here is to predict where foes are moving, or shepherd them away from the lightning telegraph that warns of the incoming attack towards your waiting allies or something else equally nasty.

I’m going to try writing up more of these posts with heroes that I play, but given this took me a week or so to finish writing they may be few & far between (especially with the WoD Alpha changes).