Trinket Analysis: Mark II

Last month I did some work around generating lots of Trinket data for analysis.

The only catch is that to continue this sort of analysis it would require a lot more work to generate more trinket data, trinket pair combinations for interactions and somehow working out how to present this in an easy to read/understand format.

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Trinket Tip Tabluation

Aka “How to make big amazing graphs of trinket data for your spec just like Binks does!”

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Re-evaluating Stat Weights

Or why Binks is going to try learning Python.

Stat weights. Those things that people ask for all the time in the assumption that they’re a magical set of numbers that will tell you how to get to the best gear set ever.

Hint: they’re not.

I’ve decided that a better approach may be to take a bit from Stat Weights, a bit from the continual “stat cap” questions, and approach this from a “What are people actually wanting these numbers for in the first place?” direction.

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Legion-ary Maths!

I’m working on a few things at the moment.


  • LavaCalcs is a basic rotation/stat weight calculator. I’m not going to go as far as evaluating every talent or set bonus, but you’ll be able to see the effects each has on your output.
  • Elemental Legion Math is my experimental sheet, mostly showing graphs for various things like Lava Burst frequency with various Lava Surge chances, Maelstrom generation vs Lightning Shield generaiton in Warlords, and Overload proc behaviour in small windows.
  • Guide work will start as we get further into beta, but this won’t be released until Legion actually goes live


What’s this, you say? Moonkin stuff? But aren’t you an Elemental Shaman Binks? Yes, but my “primary” alt has always been a Moonkin, and I’m going to keep my options open for mains this time around.

  • LunarCalcs is a work in progress, based off the Lava Calcs layout.
  • Guide? Maybe.


Handy Dandy Google Docs for 4.3

Being a spreadsheet guy, I build sheets for tracking stuff. For the last two expansions I’ve made a Jewelcrafter organisation sheet, so people can see who has what cut (at least, in the early days where cuts are limited). Early in 4.2 I also made a Legendary Progress sheet as well, if only to avoid the constant “how many cinders do you have?” questions.

I’ve made “blank” copies of each, for interested people to copy & use.

Legendary Progress

Jewelcrafting Cuts

Raid DPS Breakdown

So this time around I’m looking at the DPS breakdowns of the various specs in ICC normal & hardmode. The “raw” data was obtained from the Kamigami Tools hosted at Stratfu.

Rather than comparing absolute values, I’m using the average dps divided by the top DPS percentages that are provided on each page. This means that high dps fights like Blood Queen or Saurfang don’t skew the results. Gunship isn’t listed, and I’ve dropped out Dreamwalker because the DPS side is as hectic and variable as Gunship. I also dropped out Subtlety Rogues, Frost Mages, and Beast Mastery Hunters because their results were lower and based on fewer data points, mostly because nobody raids as those specs.

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Operation TotemSpot: What’s in a name?

Hello fellow Shaman.

Today we have another poll on Operation TotemSpot. The question is fairly simple. Tell us what you think.

Other votes so far:

  • Totem Chucker
  • Totemly Awesome
  • Frost Shock!
  • Spirit Lodge
  • Astral Recall
  • Totemic Recall
  • World of Totems
  • Totemtastic
  • ShamWoW
  • Totem Master
  • Totem Lore
  • Totemic Awareness
  • Totemic Focus
  • Totemetrics
  • Totem Pole
  • Shamanistic Focus