Elemental Makeover Musing

One of the things that has been on my mind lately has been “How would I redesign Elemental in a fair & balanced way that would make me seriously consider switching back?”. Thus, this post.

The idea is to give more control over the rotation, clean up some of the complicated but ultimately meaningless choices and make Mastery more important. Read more of this post


Stupid Ideas: Engineering based Ranged DPS class for WoW

One of the subjects on twitter today was “What would you suggest for a new ranged DPS class?”. Many suggested the Bard, with a possible fourth role of Support (buffer, debuffer, etc), but I prefer an idea closer to home for Warcraft, like the Tinkerer, as this would be the class that High Tinker Mekkatorque and many other engineering based gnomes/goblins would be.

The general idea would be to take a lot of those quasi-scifi elements in WoW, along with some of the cool Engineering profession things which were removed, to make an interesting class to play. They would also be mail wearers, and use guns/bows, to fill some loot distribution holes. Read more of this post