Legion Weak Auras – Elemental Shaman

With the Legion pre-patch due on the 19th of July it’s time to post my Weak Aura set.


Wago.io collection

Primary Cooldowns
The Right Icon Set – talented cooldown abilities
The Left Icon Set – buffs, defensive abilities and other stuff
Maelstrom predictor bar – with thanks to Cyous & Satron for custom coding work
Secondary abilities – more utility & totem spells
Lightning Transparency


About binkenstein
I'm a geek, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

32 Responses to Legion Weak Auras – Elemental Shaman

  1. Crescent says:

    Hey Bink, any way to tweak so the lava burst timer also shows how many charges of lava burst you have?

    • Indero says:

      I’d like to know how to do this too.

  2. Electrobuzz says:

    This is great, many thanks !!!

  3. Jens199 says:

    Hey Bink, how can i mod the WA so that Lava burst and the artifact power also show timer when on CD. Cheers!

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  5. Thornrayne says:

    Really love the hud but want to pinch in the sides tighter around my toon how do I do it with out having to do each layer on its own

    • binkenstein says:

      You’ll need to adjust the HUD layers, no way around it. Just change the X offsets and/or widths to the Lava Burst/Elemental Blast auras

  6. Danny says:

    Sorry im new to weak auras how would I get these settings into my wow interface?

    • binkenstein says:

  7. I’m missing the icons for Earth shock >92ms that should be in interface/icon, where can i get those?

    • binkenstein says:

      Included the link for that + the collection

  8. quik says:

    The wind shear icon doesn’t show up for me. The artifact power icon is placed on top of it, but even if I move that icon away, the wind shear one doesn’t show up. What can be happening here? Thanks!

    • binkenstein says:

      It’s only showing if there’s something to interrupt, which I guess doesn’t look quite right.
      Try this set: http://pastebin.com/Lb0D924M
      It should show a desaturated one on CD, non saturated when up, and glow if something is interruptable.

      Haven’t done anything on my Shaman yet so I can’t test it properly.

      • quik says:

        It works great, thanks a bunch.

  9. ¨Miquel says:

    Is it me, or the Stormkeeper CD is not showing properly?

  10. Baard says:

    I may or may not be an idiot when it comes to WA (hint: I am), but where do I leave that Lightning transparency thing? It’s showing the hideous green background for me at the moment.

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  12. Sean Ruiz says:

    I notice that there is a “Ms92 Warning” and a Ms92 Warning 2″. What is the difference or purpose of the two. Also, are they suppose to use different graphics. I downloaded the lightning graphic just wondering if i’m suppose to use it for both or one or the other?

    Thank you

    • binkenstein says:

      Both use the same lightning graphic, but one is just a mirror with an offset animation behavior. That way it looks all lightning ish but without doing fancy animation stuff.

      • Simon says:

        where do i place the lighting graphic thanks

        • Simon says:

          Never mind I figured it out thanks for the awesome work

  13. Justin Watson says:

    These should still work fine in 7.2 correct?

    • binkenstein says:

      Yeah, although ES warnings will need to be tweaked when you get the increased maelstrom trait.

  14. bronxzam says:

    how get this string ?

    • bronxzam says:

      wago.io show me only white page

      • binkenstein says:

        Which one doesn’t load?

  15. Madley Max says:

    i clicked the collection it wont load for me either .

    • binkenstein says:

      I’ve clicked all of them myself and they load fine on wago.

  16. Madley Max says:

    will it fit in a comment lol ? cause wago itself just doesn’t load for me at all bro idk wtf is going on .

    • binkenstein says:

      No, it’s fairly large (and in multiple parts).

  17. Madley Max says:

    dayum alright ill try figure it out its gotta be internet security blocking me out or some shit thanks though man

  18. Madley Max says:


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