WeakAura Reference Document

I’m putting a few of the frequent things I use into a post for future reference.


return (trigger[1] or trigger[2]);

Cooldown Single Aura: shows buff timer, cooldown timer and glows when off cooldown

Required for Activation: Any
Dynamic Information: First active
Trigger 1: Aura – buff
Trigger 2: Status – Cooldown progress (spell)

Conditions (in this order):
Condition 1: Trigger 2, On Cooldown = True, Desaturate ticked
Condition 2: Trigger 1, Active = True, Desaturate unticked
Condition 3: Trigger 2, On Cooldown = False, Glow ticked

The important thing to remember is that triggers and conditions are checked in an ascending order (1,2,3,etc). If dynamic trigger information is enabled Trigger 1 will be returned first & show the cooldown buff. For conditions they are applied in that order, so with the above desaturate will be enabled if Trigger 2 is on cooldown, but then disabled if Trigger  is active.



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