Elemental Talents in Legion

Level 15

  1. Path of Flame
    The damage dealt by Flame Shock and Lava Burst is increased by 10%.
  2. Path of Elements
    The cooldown on your Summon Elemental spells is reduced by 60 seconds.
  3. Maelstrom Totem
    Summons a Maelstrom Totem with 5 health near the target for 15 sec that repeatedly attacks an enemy within 0 to 30 yards for 1 Nature damage. Every time the Maelstrom Totem attacks, it will generate 5 Maelstrom for you.

It looks like these talents will be for different situations. Path of Flame is more for sustained damage, Path of Elements for burst damage, while Maelstrom Totem will be for pumping out more Earthquakes (I think, as the “Earthquake Totem” that replaces Earthquake doesn’t have a Maelstrom cost against it yet).

Level 30

  1. Gust of Wind
    A gust of wind hurls you forward. 15 second cooldown.
  2. Fleet of Foot
    For 6 sec seconds after leaving Ghost Wolf, you will continue to move 20% faster.
  3. Wind Rush Totem
    Summons an Air Totem with (2 * Total health / 100) health at the target location for 15 sec, continually granting all allies who pass within 10 yards 60% increased movement speed for 5 sec.

A few movement variations here. The difference between Gust of Wind and Fleet of Foot will depend on how far the former goes vs how much mobile damage we can do. Wind Rush Totem will be a substitute for whatever that Druid Roar ability is, which increases everyones run speed. Again, all three will be situational.

Level 45

  1. Lightning Surge Totem
    Summons an Air totem with 5 health at the target that gathers electrical energy from the surrounding air and then explodes after 5 sec to stun all enemies within 8 yards for 5 sec.
  2. Voodoo Totem
    Summons a Voodoo Totem with (2 * Total health / 100) health at the target destination for 10 sec. The totem pulses every 5 sec, hexing all enemies within 0 yards for 0. Enemies can only be Hexed once.
    Replaces Hex.
  3. Earthgrab Totem
    Summons an Earth Totem with (X * Total health / 100) health at the feet of the caster for 20 sec. The totem pulses every 2 sec, rooting all enemies within 10 yards for 5 sec. Enemies previously rooted by the totem will instead suffer 50% movement speed reduction.

Variations on the crowd control theme here. Capacitor becomes Lightning Surge with the original 5 second cooldown, Voodoo Totem becomes an aoe Hex, and Earthgrab remains pretty much as is. I’d probably stick with Earthgrab here, as neither of the other two are/sound particularly effective.

Level 60

  1. Ancestral Swiftness
    Increases haste by 10% and attack speed by 10% at all times.
  2. Elemental Blast
    Harness the raw power of the elements, dealing (192.5% of Spell power) Elemental damage and increasing your Critical Strike, Haste, or Mastery by 5 for 8 sec
  3. Echo of the Elements (maybe?)
    Grants 3 charges to Lava Burst

There’s only two listed here as I can’d find anything else listed as “Requires 60”. Echo is listed as Requiring 75, and also Shaman (Restoration) so I’m not sure whether it actually slots in here or not. If it does it will be the go to talent, which is disappointing as I was really looking forward to getting Elemental Blast back into my rotation.

Level 75

  1. Elemental Fusion
    Increase the chance that you will gain Lava Surge by 10%.
  2. Sons of Flame
    Your Greater Fire Elemental is joined by 2 Sons of Flame, who attack your target.
  3. Magnitude
    Any time a target is standing in Earthquake with Flame Shock, gouts of Magma will erupt at their feet, dealing extra damage.

Elemental Fusion is a shadow of its former self, Sons of Flame sounds boring as hell, but Magnitude sounds pretty cool as long as you’re in AoE mode (however I don’t think it will be something to play around as CL-> EQ will probably deal the most damage). It sounds like this will mirror whatever Level 15 talent you select.

Level 90

  1. Liquid Magma Totem
    Summons a Fire Totem with (2 * Total health / 100) health at the destination for 15 sec that erupts with Liquid Magma, flowing toward random enemies within 40 yards every 5 sec for 15 sec. Each glob of liquid magma deals 1 Fire damage to all enemies within 4 yards. 1 min CD.
  2. Lighting Rod
    Mark the target to become a lightning rod, causing your Nature spells to deal 20% more damage to the target, and also deal 500 damage to enemies within 20 yards. 1 min CD.

Also missing a talent here. Lightning Rod will probably be the better choice due to that single target bonus. Talent calculators are listing Storm Elemental as the last talent here, but spell notes indicate it’s available at Level 66, so something odd is going on there.

Level 100

  1. Totemic Fury
    Summon three totems to your side for 30 secs that provide the following benefits (3 min CD):

    1. Earth Totem: Attacks your target, and increases the damage dealt by Earth Shock by 50%.
    2. Fire Totem: Attacks your target, and increases the Critical Strike Chance of Lava Burst by 100% .
    3. Lightning Totem: Attacks your target, and reduces the cast time of Lightning Bolt by 50%.
  2. Primal Elementalist
    Your Earth, Fire and Storm Elementals are drawn from primal elementals 80% more powerful than regular elementals, with additional abilities. Also grants direct control over your Fire and Storm Elementals.
  3. Ascendance
    Transform into a flame ascendant for 1 minute. While in this form Lava Burst has no cooldown and Chain Lightning is empowered to become Lava Beam. 1 min duration, 10 min cooldown.

I don’t really like any of these talents, although that’s not based on mechanics, which all seem decent. The problem is that these abilities either run too long, have a massive cooldown, or both. Things like this will make it hard to balance these talents correctly, because a cooldown that is balanced on the 10 minute mark will be fairly overpowered on a 3-4 minute fight. There’s also the question of whether 1 minute of Lava Burst spam is a good idea, because it feels very boring rotation wise.

In Conclusion

The talents are okay.. I guess?  None of these really jump at me, especially when some talents are simply turned into marginal passive effects. Maybe we’ll see how it goes when the beta is usable.


There’s other funky stuff, like Elemental Mastery, Nature’s Guardian, Stone Bulwark and Storm Elemental becoming abilities instead of talents.


Legion Beta Spell Data

Initial stuff, horribly messy.

  • Bloodlust debuff lasts until cancelled, probably end of the fight.
  • Hex has a 30 second cooldown, but still has a 30 yard range
  • Lightning Shield is gone
  • Searing Totem is gone
  • Tremor/Grounding/Capacitor gone too
  • Totemic Fury (talent?): Summons 3 totems, all attack your target. Earth increases Earth Shock damage by 50%, Fire increase Lava Burst crit chance by 100%, Lightning reduces cast time of Lightning Bolt by 50%
  • LB/LvB generate 15 maelstrom, Chain lightning generates 6. It says “damage from” so assume per hit.
  • Lightning Surge Totem: replacement Capacitor
  • Gust of Wind – hurls you forward. Assume Enh only
  • Fleet of Foot – for 6 seconds after level Ghost Wolf you move 20% faster (Elemental)
  • Wind Rush – increases movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds
  • Liquid Magma is now  Totem with a 1 min CD.
  • Elemental Fusion – increases lava surge chance by 10%
  • Storm Elemental looks the same
  • Frost Shock uses maelstrom, slows target by 50% for 5-10 seconds based on maelstrom spent
  • Voodoo Totem (Talent) – hexes all enemies within X yards for Y. Enemies can only be hexed once. Replaces Hex.
  • Songs of Flame (75 Talent) Greater Fire Elemental is joined by 2 Sonds of Flame who attack your target
  • Lightning Rod – 1 min CD (Elemental). Nature spells deal 20% more damage to the target and also deal 500 damage to enemies within 20 yards
  • Magnitude (75 Talent) any time a target is standing in Earthquake with Flame Shock gouts of Magma will erupt at their feet dealing extra damage
  • Fire Elemental is a 5 min CD, lasts “until cancelled” and causes Maelstrom generation to be increased by 100% for 15 seconds after casting.
  • Earth Elemental is a 2 min CD, reduces damage taken by 30% for 15 sec (auto cast or active?)
  • Path of Flame (15 Talent) increases Flame Shock & Lava Burst damage by 10%
  • Path of Elements (15 talent) cooldown on summoned Elementals is reduced by 60 seconds.
  • Echo of the Elements grants 3(!!!) charges for Lava Burst
  • Ascendance lasts for 1 minute? (Bad data?)
  • Earthquake is now “Earthquake Totem” and is instant
  • Molten Earth also shows up in here so data may be weird.
  • Spiritwalkers Grace is Resto only


A Maelstrom of a Problem

As you may have seen, there’s a blog post on upcoming Legion changes for Shaman. The big problem I see with this is that Maelstrom generation will be too high, and rotation priorities will end up causing conflicts between strong spells.

Building Up A Storm

Maelstrom is the replacement for Lightning Shield charges. You gain 15 on every Lightning Bolt or Lava Burst cast, and gain 75% of normal Maelstrom generation for each Overload that occurs. This means that without any Overloads it takes 100/15 = 6.67 casts to reach 100 Maelstrom. With a 100% Overload rate this drops down to 3.81 casts.

As a comparison, in Warlords with 50% Multistrike it takes roughly 9.5 casts to max out Lightning Shield. In Legion with the proposed changes it will take around 4.85 casts, almost doubling the frequency of Earth Shock casts. If we then add other things into the mix for Maelstrom generation, like the Maelstrom Totem talent (although this appears more of an AoE talent) it means Earth Shock will be a much higher use of time than Lava Burst, which seems like it will feel very weird.

An example of this problem was Elemental Blast. I enjoyed using it, even if it was slightly sub-optimal in Mists, but with the additional Lightning Shield generation sources in Warlords it felt a bit awkward using it as both Earth Shock and Lava Burst would cause its used to be delayed most of the time.

A Shocking Conflict

A further problem with what I think the rotation will look like is that Earth Shock uses 10 to 100 Maelstrom and deals “massive Nature damage”, whereas Lava Burst causes “strong Fire damage” with a bonus 50% damage if Flame Shock is on the target. This will be similar to the current Warlords rotation, where a “max stack” Earth Shock deals more damage than Lava Burst, which can cause problems during Ascendance when combined with the T18 2pc bonus (chance to not trigger shock CD & refund all LS charges used).

The issue here is that Lava Burst is normally our big damage ability, but with generating Maelstrom off Lava Burst and the massive damaged caused by Earth Shock we will most likely end up delaying Lava Burst in favour of Earth Shock on a frequent basis. The end result of this will be a continuation of the counter-intuitive early use of Earth Shock so that we avoid Lava Surge conflicts and capping.

The Mists model for this was a lot simpler, where only Lightning Bolt (and Chain Lightning) generated Lightning Shield charges, so if you were just short of max charges and had Lava Burst come up you could use Lava Burst first and then Earth.

Variable Overload

In Legion we say goodbye to Molten Earth, and instead see the return of Overload. While this is a good change, we simply seem to have Overload back in its old state without any sort of change or update. While there are a few chance based Masteries they are mostly “chance to reset” like Hunting Companion for Survival (grant additional Mongoose Bite charge) or Enhancement’s Enhanced Elements which increases the chance of Windfury/Stormfury procs. Previous chance based masteries, like the old one for Arms Warriors (chance to proc a second melee attack), have virtually all been removed by now, with the only active one that I know of being Combat Rogues (their blog post has yet to be released).

So what’s the problem with this? Leaving aside the Maelstrom generation issue, a variable chance Mastery means that Elemental will have hard 100% caps for all three secondary stats, and while Crit & Haste will likely never get to that point, our Overload chance has traditionally been much higher. Back in Mists when we last has Overload as our Mastery we were approaching 80-90% Overload chances mid way through the expansion, which we could partially get around with reforging, but in Legion I think we’ll be more restricted in our stat availability.

Part of the issue is that Overload is a cool visual part of the Elemental identity, so having frequent procs is a cool thing. The downside is that when you don’t get many procs, it feels really bad. This is especially true when big cooldowns are up like Ascendance, and with the removal of Lava Bursts auto-crit function having low Crit & Overload sequences will further increase that feeling.

What To Do?

  1. Remove Maelstrom generation from Lava Burst (and don’t generate it off any talent based spells)
  2. Reduce the Maelstrom generation from Lightning Bolt (10-12 is probably better)
  3. Remove Maelstrom generation from Overload hits
  4. Change Overload to a fixed high chance to proc (80-100%) and make the damage a mastery percentage of the original spell

This will slow down Maelstrom generation, giving space for increasing it via talents or adding additional spells like Elemental Blast into the rotation. We could also delay casting Earth Shock when Lava Burst is up, and reduce Earth Shock frequency from once every 8-10 seconds into the 12-15 second range, which will make it a bit more manageable. Lastly, tweaking Overload would reduce/remove the negative effects of having a second variable chance stat on performance.

The Geek Angel Fund Idea

Big Edit

After it was pointed out that the central fund idea may be a bad idea & open up problems with accusations of favouritism and so forth, I’ve co-oped @Roxiqt to help with a twitter feed called @GeeksInNeed for sharing funding pages. That way people get more visibility and can choose who to help without any middle man issues.

End Big Edit

Or “Lets help people who need it when bad stuff happens to them”.

A couple of years ago I ran a GoFundMe campaign to help Adora & I with our medical expenses, because we had a lot of them at the time. We still do, but we’re managing on our own currently (with a little help from her Dad). We’re both very grateful for the help, but this post isn’t about us.

One of the ideas I’ve had recently is to set up a Patreon to fund a “Geek Angel Fund”, which would be set up to help with emergency funding for fellow geeks who need it, like Jan’s dead car or Hestiah’s cat’s teeth problem.

Those two have a combined goal of $3,800, which may seem like a lot, but it would only take 760 people donating $5 each to reach that total. If it was accumulated over 4 months then you’d only need 190 people donating $5 per month to get there. The idea is that if we each put aside a few dollars a month, and have many of us doing the same thing, we can collectively stand up in these emergency situations and go “It’s ok, we’ve got this”.

That’s the general idea. There are details like who should run it, how it should be run, who makes the decision on who gets help, etc, but that’s not something I think I should be part of, partially for practical reasons (I’m in NZ so there’d be international PayPal fees) and if I’m suggesting it as well as running it then it looks like a scam setup >.<

So, thoughts? Is this a good idea? Who would be good candidates for running this? Would you contribute?

Plans for Legion

Thinking forward, because I always do this, I’ve decided I’m going to try doing a little less when it comes to Theorycrafting work. I’ll still be doing SimCraft APL & profile updates, testing, theorycrafting, etc, as well as working on the guide, but I think when it comes to raid & dungeon boss notes or gear lists I will pass the torch on that to someone else, so to speak.

I think there’s space in the community for multiple people to be doing different things, or even having overlaps, and a number of people have pointed out that my consistent “lack of progression” means that I don’t have direct experience of bleeding edge content to provide notes for, which is a valid point. It also means I’ll be able to spend more time on actual mathy stuff, or have more spare time.

This all assumes that I’m staying Elemental, as I’m open to the possibility of changing class depending on how the spec changes as Legion development continues, or maybe even quitting the game (again). If I do change it’ll be to another caster, either Balance Druid, Mage or Warlock. We’ll see how it goes.

Outlandish Ideas for Shaman Stuff in Legion

Class Hall

A few days ago there was a tweet from Craig Amai (one of the WoW Game Designers) about Class Hall ideas. This got me thinking about it, and I spammed Craig a little with some ideas, but I thought I’d write them down (Me? Write down stuff? Perish the thought!) and expand on them a bit.

All we know about it so far is that it’s a “cave overlooking the Maelstrom”. My first thought on this was the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde but this is just a small town built under an existing cliff. My second thought went back to a novel series by Anne McCaffrey named Dragonriders of Pern, which is one of my favourite series from when I would devour books as a teen. In this series human settlements are either in existing cave systems or carved from rock, and the oldest are mysteriously smooth and not hand carved. There are Science Fictiony reasons for that, but given the fact that Shaman have control over the elements & elementals, it makes sense that any underground rooms build by Shaman would actually be built by Earth Elementals instead. Because of this it would mean flawless walls, architecture that would be impossible to reproduce by mortal hands, but also a lack of sharp edges & corners. Extending that logically, anything removed from the rocky spires surrounding the Maelstrom while making the rooms & corridors inside would be re-used outside for terraces & bridges, which again would be inhumanly crafted.

Lighting would also be an important factor to get right. Where possible there would be large skylights covered by the most perfect glass possible, as it was made by Earth & Fire Elementals, but in other areas the light would be provided by small Fire Elementals (the size of battle pets) on small platforms or recesses along the walls.

Moving around different levels is also something that can be done differently. No long staircases or elevators for the Shaman Hall, but rather vertical shafts where we can fly up or down with the help of air elementals similar to how you move in the Throne of the Four Winds after Al’Akir’s platform is destroyed.

The complex would need to be divided into different areas, with sections for the four Elements & a high powered Elemental in each one (an “official representative” of each elemental plane). The element sections would be themed appropriately, so the Air “quarter” would be towards the top of a spire with balcony’s, skylights and open spaces; Earth would be the lowest area in a natural cave with stalagmites/stalactites; Fire would obviously contain a lot of burning stuff & lava (maybe actually being a dormant volcano?); and Water would obviously be underwater with either a dome similar to the last room in Throne of Tides, or just be water held back by the power of Water Elementals (and since part of it would be the ocean floor, obviously there would be coral etc there). Given that Shaman have a Spiritual component too, it makes sense that there would be some “Hall of the Ancestors” type room, inhabited by the spirits of various famous Shaman that have died.

All said, I think that the Shaman Class Hall is going to be awesome.


The only “confirmed” artifact we know of is that Enhancement will get Doomhammer (poor Thrall), and wield some sort of conjured duplicate in their other hand. While Doomhammer is cool, it’s Thralls weapon and if he doesn’t have it then it almost feels like he’s less than what he used to be. I also think that the three Shaman specs should get something more elemental-ish than Doomhammer.

Enhancement: As Enhancement is all about Stormstrike & Lava Lash I had the thought of forging new fist weapons for them, from the still beating hearts of Al’Akir and Ragnaros. This way there’s no “fake Doomhammer” in your offhand, and I imagine the art team would be able to come up with some pretty cool stuff for both.

Elemental: If any of the three specs were to take Doomhammer, my pick would have been Elemental (and no, it’s not because I’m biased) but again, Doomhammer is cool because it’s Thralls weapon and without Thrall it doesn’t have the same impact. Continuing with the elementaly theme from above, a suitable mace/shield combo could be sourced from the titan engine of Lei Shen for a lightning mace, while the shield could be carved from a smouldering scale from Deathwing (for the lava/fire side).

Restoration: Resto is a little easier for a mace/shield combo, because I imagine that both of these could be sourced from Water & Earth Elementals. Earth would provide something from Therazane the Earthmother, but given Neptulon’s “disappearance” during Cataclysm I’m not entirely sure where the Water side would come from. Either element could provide a shield, as Earth is obviously solid & strong, but a whirling water shield would also look pretty cool.

And there you have it, a brain dump of ideas for Legion stuff

My 6.2 Elemental Weak Auras

Yes, I know I’ve been a bit slack lately with this, but I have my Weak Auras mostly finished. There are a few tweaks I want to make, but they can wait. One word of warning for non-English users: everything uses spell names rather than spell IDs at this stage. If I get some time I’ll try converting it over to IDs where possible.

Important! There is now a flashy lightning “animation” over the center bar. This is the extra ES 20 warning, and is two copies of a custom texture extracted from the game & fixed up by Steven Eson. You need to download this and put it into a ICONS folder in your World of Warcraft\Interface directory (eg: G:\World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS).

To the left & right are my standard Lava Burst auras, and in the middle are some reminders for Lightning Shield, Searing Totem, and Augment Rune.

The fun stuff is the section at the bottom. Starting on the left we have a Flame Shock icon. This will show when Flame Shock is on the target, with a green border when under 9 seconds remaining (if you have Core of the Primal Elements I’d recommend changing this to your FS duration * 0.3) and now with new functionality the Unleash Flame or Elemental Fusion icons will show if one or both were used on the current Flame Shock cast, thanks to LUA work from Pawkets. It won’t show if you have 1 or 2 Fusion charges applied, but it’ll be a good indicator of when you can refresh early.

The icon under Flame Shock on the left is Earthquake, and will show either the Echo charge refresh or the cooldown, along with Enhanced Chain Lightning as the border glow effect (ie: it’s buffed & instant cast).

The central bar that goes blue -> yellow -> green -> red is my Lightning Shield tracker. Green is the ideal cast range, as is yellow if you have T17 4pc otherwise it’s the “get ready” area. Red indicates you’re capped out, and I’ve added a lightning bar behind it for this as well to make it more apparent (if I can trim the bars at each end of the texture I’ll put a better version of this in). Lastly, the background shows the shock cooldown as a red bar.

On the right we have a Lava Burst cooldown timer, with the Ascendance timer underneath it. The outer right icons are a Fire Totem tracker (the question mark) and a Fire Elemental tracker. The Legendary Ring tracker is to the left of Ascendance (and glows when it’s up). The icons in the middle from left to right are: Astral Shift/Stone Bulwark Totem, Shamanistic Rage, L100 tracker (Storm Elemental, Liquid Magma, Elemental Fusion charges), Unleash Flame, L60 tracker (Elemental Mastery & Ancestral Swiftness) & Spiritwalker’s Grace.

As an added bonus there is now a “mini totem tracker” which dynamically displays cooldowns for all those other totems you have. Includes: Capacitor, Earthbind/Earthgrab, Grounding, Healing Stream, Tremor, Windwalk.

Lava Burst: http://pastebin.com/G75k7G3j
Reminders: http://pastebin.com/ALQVriM8
Primary Cooldowns: http://pastebin.com/tHNFfzKy
Talents: http://pastebin.com/94EwSseN
Lightning Shield & Earth Shock: http://pastebin.com/eHuCcivq
Totem Group: http://pastebin.com/Lu675i2w

Why so many links? Turns out loading many hundreds of Kb of WA strings disconnects some people, so I have to split some of the groups up.


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